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  1. akaminski

    Adjustable taper bar for sale

    2 sided both adjustable taper bar for sale. $350 includes shipping. Both sides are adjustable, comes with a slide. this taper bar is mounted on 80/20 aluminum t slot so it can easily work with just about anything. Let me know if you want more pictures or anything else.
  2. akaminski

    Another Predator decal question.... Help

    Ok so I am finishing up a predator z2 shaft for a local customer. Ordered the blank from Atlas and I received 2 decals. Again to no avail I cannot get the decals to work. I tried applying to a test piece of maple and it will not transfer to the wood...... I assume from my last post...
  3. akaminski

    Collarless predator shaft

    A friend wants me to build a predator shaft to for his collarless Viking butt. He does not want a collar on the shaft..... 1: obviously there is more risk or damage to the shaft is no collar is used, but will the shaft eventually fail over time? 2: the top of his butt is Birdseye maple and I...
  4. akaminski

    Help! Not about pool cues but a golf club

    I know a lot of you guys deal with metal working and machinery. I have been doing golf club repairs for a long time and this is the first time I encountered this. Guy broke off the head on his golf club..... Steel shaft is still inside the head. Pretty standard repair and I have done in the...
  5. akaminski

    Need help with color butt cap and joint sleeve

    Making a break cue but I am torn with what colors to go with......thought I wanted black buttcap with black joint collar but now I am double thinking it, I may want white......what do you guys think.... It's a pretty nice figured curly maple front and butt sleeve with brown ebony handle.....cue...
  6. akaminski

    New loctite glue

    Roaming through Home Depot I came across this new glue from loctite Looks like it's a combination of crazy glue with epoxy According to the bottle it's reposition able within 5 minutes, sets in 30 minutes and full cure in 24 hours. It's water resistant, impact resistant and a bunch more Has...
  7. akaminski

    Crack or scratch?

    So my old predator shaft had a crack in it and they replaced it with a new shaft..... Few weeks after I got it.... With not too much playing time on it I see this.... I cannot tell if it is a scratch or a crack.... I took some 1000 grit and cleaned it up and this is what's left.... Maybe kj...
  8. akaminski

    Help with weight bolt

    Looks like what you need is something like this predator uni-loc weight bolt kit..... These were available with some of their p3 models
  9. akaminski

    Predator customer service

    Just figured I would share my story.....I know people complain a lot but here is something on the contrary... So I got a kamui clear and put it on my predator shaft that I built to match my cue that I built. I bought the shaft from atlas in November of 2011. After I cleaned and played with...
  10. akaminski

    Like to buy some Kamui Clear tips

    Here is another one I did
  11. akaminski

    Like to buy some Kamui Clear tips

    Got one as a trial they play awesome however they will not be available till approx end of may
  12. akaminski

    WTB Predator blank or 3/8 x 10

    My current predator shaft on my cue cracked, now I have to send it to predator for "possible warranty" exchange. It was a blank and they said their blanks are on back order till the end of June, so I would be out a shaft until then. Looking for either a blank or a 3/8x10 I can use in the...
  13. akaminski

    Ivory hoppe ring

    I need a small round piece if ivory for a hoppe ring in a butt.....I don't really feel like paying for an entire buttcap or shipping with it from the normal sources....I can send money through PayPal.... Can anyone help me out? Adam
  14. akaminski

    lets see some Leopardwood cues!!

    This is my break cue.....lace wood or leopard wood wrapless with BEM handle
  15. akaminski

    Moori Tip question

    This is the glue side
  16. akaminski

    Predator tips

    Any reviews from any CMs?
  17. akaminski

    Hurricane Sandy

    Going on day 5 without power or phones..... Basically no Internet at the house have to go to shopping center to get 3 g service for the cell phone Hope everyone else is doing ok
  18. akaminski

    Hurricane Sandy

    This tree came down in my driveway
  19. akaminski

    Llama leather

    I am looking to get a llama leather wrap blank for a break cue that I am matching for a schon limited cue.....I emailed schon directly without a response.... Wondering if anyone can help me..... Thanks Adam
  20. akaminski

    Charles Riley cue

    Does any one know of this cue maker..... I was shown one today...... Full splice titlist veneers ivory buttcap looks like rosewood I can post pictures if needed but just looking for information on the maker. Thanks Adam