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    SBE Brackets

    Are there brackets available online? Will only one table be streamed? Thanks, Mike cardit
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    Help pricing case

    Hi, I have an It's George 1X1 that I acquired when buying a cue. I don't have a clue as to how to price it for sale. Any help will be appreciated...then I'll list it in the correct forum. Thanks in advance. Mike
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    Looking for Chris Byrne contact info

    Hi, Anyone have Chris' current contact information? doesn't seem to be working. Mike cardit
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    Nexus cue

    Hi, Can anyone pass along some information on a Nexus cue? Can only find Nexus cases referenced on the Internet. Thanks much, Mike cardit
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    Brazilian rosewood banned, too

    Up until now Brazilian rosewood already in the U.S. was legal to buy, sell, use, and ship interstate even without documentation (much old lumber and many vintage guitars lack paperwork, since it wasn’t previously required). But as of June 26th, as a CITES Appendix I species (like elephant ivory)...
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    WTB Predator 314-2 radial shaft w/silver ring

    Looking to buy a 314-2 radial shaft with black collar w/silver ring. Thanks much! Mike or PM
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    Advice on buying next cue

    Hi all, I'm considering buying a Predator Ikon 8. Having played with a P2 for the past 3 years should I expect much difference in 'feel' between the two cues? 314-2 on each. Any negative/positive thoughts about the Ikon? I also looked at a mint 1999-5 with a 314 shaft with the thought of...
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    Orchid/Regal cue

    Hi all, Just picked up this Orchid cue with 2 shafts. Both joint collars butt and shaft) have the word 'Regal' on them. Searching the archives I couldn't find much information. Any help about history/quality/maker would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Mike cardit
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    Bought a GC III

    After a lengthy search and looking at a lot of tables I just purchased a GC III and it'll be delivered and set up next week. I found a mechanic in South Florida that has done rail extensions after speaking with about 10, none of whom had an idea what I was talking about. Side pockets measure 5...
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    AMF from the 1960's ?

    This table has been in a residence for 14 years and in a pool hall for the previous 35 or so. Any thoughts about quality, playability, etc.? The label underneath says AMF 400 8298. Asking price is $1000. Price seems very high; I've seen GCs lower. Is this a decent table or should I run...
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    Looking at a GC III

    I'm off in a bit to look at a one-owner GC III, disassembled, owner moving to smaller home. Is there anything in particular I should look for when I inspect it? Also, how does one 'diamonize' a III? Is it something I can do myself or is there a mechanic in SE Florida who is competent enough...