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  1. Nineball Daniel

    Lambros---The Year Of the Dragon

    Hi folks, Here is one of the fanciest cue I got from Mike. Thanks to his work of ART! Just took some nice pics for the 2014 AZB cue of the year. Hope you enjoy! BR, Daniel C.
  2. Nineball Daniel

    You gotta be falling love with this Lambros

    Hey Azers, I got this cue from Mike directly at the SBE months ago. Just saw Jamie's AZB 2013 cue of the year thread, so I decided to share this fancy Lambros with you guys. all white is ivory. Guess how many inlays does it have? lol BTW, my best wishes to Mike. If you know him well, he's...
  3. Nineball Daniel

    For TAD Lovers

    Hey AZers, A little eye candy from TAD & FRED's Shop days ago. Brand new 8-point TAD with purpleheart points. I am a 100% TAD nut! Hope you guys enjoy it! R.I.P TAD BR, Daniel
  4. Nineball Daniel

    For Sale:Two Brand New Mike Lambros Cues

    Sold!!! Thanks!!!
  5. Nineball Daniel

    Some New Toys...TGIF~

    Guys, Check out this batch! What a nice Friday afternoon! :D Regards, Daniel
  6. Nineball Daniel

    My SBE Pick Ups--->Lambros Twins!

    Guys, Two Lambros cues I picked up at the SBE. Thank you, Mike, for taking care of my new toys. Cheers! :thumbup: Regards, Daniel
  7. Nineball Daniel

    【【【Two Brand New South West Cues for sale!】】】

    SBE Sale:【【【Two Brand New South West Cues for sale!】】】 Sold!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nineball Daniel

    2012 Year Of The Dragon

    Hey AZers, 2012 is Year of the Dragon in China. So, here it is! A grand combination of western and eastern culture. A piece of functional art! 【The Dragon Cue】 Thanks to Jerry McWorter and Sandra Brady. Happy New Year! Daniel
  9. Nineball Daniel

    Two More

    Any other TAD fans out there? Enjoy these two!:D Regards, Dan
  10. Nineball Daniel

    Why I like TADs?!

    Hey Folks, Enjoy this group! 4 Brand new cues! Dan
  11. Nineball Daniel

    For Sale: 【2 new Lambros cues and 1 new Whitten case】

    Cues are Sold Cues are Sold!
  12. Nineball Daniel


    Hey AZers, Does anyone have a Brand new Showman TAD dvd? I am looking for one. pls contact me @ Thanks, Daniel:grin:
  13. Nineball Daniel

    My Growing Collection

    Hey Folks, Here is some pics of my recent collection (Ebony VS Maple). Enjoy. Will post my "old" collections later. :grin: BR, Daniel
  14. Nineball Daniel

    $$$Cash for Brand New SouthWest$$$

    Hey Azers, I am looking for Brand new SW cues. Cash is ready! Show me what you have and we can work on it. (In the States only) 1. Ebony or Cocobolo or PH nosepiece is a plus 2. AB rings is a plus 3. 13mm+ shafts is also a plus. or 631-988-8681:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: BR...