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  1. roachy_22

    Has anyone ever heard of a Kabbalah?

    I have a cue, made by Adam Schick. He didn't make many of them (I was told maybe 10-15). It's called a Kabbalah. I don't know what this thing is worth, or anything else about it for that matter. If anyone can provide any info, I would be much appreciative.
  2. roachy_22

    ***--Jacoby, Kabbalah, and a 2x2 case F/S or F/T--***

    I have a Jacoby sneaky pete, a Kabbalah custom, and a Pro Series 2x2 case. I would like to trade all three for a nice, wrapless custom cue. I will sell them as a package, or separately. As a package:$850 Jacoby:$300 Kabbalah:$650 Case:$50 Jacoby: I used it for about 3 months. It hits great...
  3. roachy_22

    ***--Beautiful Gulyassy--***

    I am selling a lovely Gulyassy cue. It was made in 2010. The forearm and butt-sleeve are a very highly figured Maple burl. The wrap is buffalo leather. There are turquoise and silver rings at A,B,C,D, and E. I believe the joint pin is 3/8-11. There is a VERY small nick about 3.5in below the...
  4. roachy_22

    ***--RARE Kabbalah custom cue--***

  5. roachy_22

    ***--Pro Series 2x2 case--***

  6. roachy_22

    My Joss. 1 of 4.

    This is the second cue I ever owned. I saw it, and just knew I needed it. I had an OB-2 shaft with an 11.75 tip made for it. It hits CRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZZYYY GOOD!!! Dan Janes made four of these, but I don't think he used the same wood in each one.
  7. roachy_22

    Kabbalah cues?

    Does anyone know anything about Kabbalah cues? I know that the cuemaker was Adam Schick. He didn't make many, so there isn't much info to be found. If you know anything about them, please share.
  8. roachy_22

    Used Jacoby Sneaky Pete