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    March "Caption This" photo

    Hey they are playing pool in there
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    ATTN: Mr. Mills

    Could you check your PMs......Thanks Ron
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    Pool Halls near Amway Center Orlando FL

    I'm gonna be heading up to the Amway Center in Orlando FL on the 16th to see Roger Waters, are there any good pool halls around that area. Are there any Saturday/Sunday afternoon tournaments......Thanks Ron
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    Need a new leather wrap for my Webb in FL

    Need a new leather wrap for my Mike Webb. First let me say I would love to have Mike redo it, because he did a Perfect job, but I am very leary of shipping the cue. So who would be some good options in central FL (I'm in St. Pete) to replace the wrap..................Thanks Ron P.S. Does not...
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    world 8 ball

    Is this being streamed
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    ?Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville?

    Does any body have any info on Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville FL. I was thinking about heading up there for the KF Tour this weekend. Thanks in advance.......Ron
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    KF Cues Tournaments new season

    Does anybody know how to get a listing of dates for the new season? I checked the KF Cues website and also checked the tournament section on here but could not find anything....Thanks in advance Ron
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    looking for a falcon

    A buddy of mine is looking for a Falcon model JJ05-5 does anybody know of any good deals....Thanks in advance....Ron
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    Any tournaments around Merritt Island

    A buddy and are gonna be heading up to Merritt Island this Saturday and would like to find a good tournament around there. Maybe something between Merritt Island and St. Pete........Thanks Ron
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    Tournament at HammerHeads (FL) this Saturday???

    I know this is last minute but does anybody know if HammerHeads is having a APA masters/US Amateurs style format tourney this Saturday....Thanks Ron
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    One pocket at Hammer Heads

    One pocket at Hammer Heads -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heard there is a One Pocket tournament at Hammer Heads this saturday. Any body gonna be there. Any body know any details ....Thanks Ron
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    One pocket at Hammer Heads

    Heard there is a One Pocket tournament at Hammer Heads this saturday. Any body gonna be there. Any body know any details ....Thanks Ron
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    Hello JCIN

    Hey JCIN, Your mailbox was full. I was wondering when the new Alex and SVB dvd is comming out. Also do you have any of the " Got Action" shirts left........Thanks Ron
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    do any cuemakers have hats for sale....Thanks Ron
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    Any one have the following:

    Does any one have the following items: 1. 2 sets of the replacement sandpaper pads for the Ultimate Tip Tool 2. The bottom insert for an X-Breaker cue.......Thanks in advance Ron
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    Any weekly Tampa tournaments

    I'm attending training for the next 3 weeks in Tampa and was wondering about tournaments in the Tampa/Brandon area...thanks Ron
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    Hey Jay

    Not sure if u saw this...Ron
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    Nova Cue

    Selling my nova cue on e-bay item #290020992666. My buddy listed this for me so any embellishment is his not mine. Cue is in great shape I would say 95%. Will provide free shipping to any AZer if they are high bidder...Thanks Ron
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    Widowmaker cue

    Hello All, A friend of mine is trying to locate any Widowmaker cues for sale any one know of any...Thanks Ron