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  1. Thomas McKane

    Predator Revo 12.9 radial trade for Cuetec Cynergy

    I’ve got a new Revo 12.9 radial, want to trade for Cuetec Cynergy 15k. Either 3/8 10 or radial Cynergy is ok for me.
  2. Thomas McKane

    Gilbert Cue - Great Condition

    SOLD! Cue no longer available
  3. Thomas McKane

    10-ball Make It Happen 2015 - All 16 DVD's

    SOLD Have a nice day.
  4. Thomas McKane

    70's video of Minnesota Fats (Rudolf Walter Wanderone) shooting his best game 3C

    Marshall "Squirrel" Carpenter has mentioned several times that Fats best game was 3C, and he rarely saw him lose at it. Came across this video recently, from his brief game show he had where he played celebrities. Fat's shooting 3C...well
  5. Thomas McKane

    Fighting muscle memory after conditions change

    I'm finding that I have a very difficult time adjusting my game to changing conditions. When the equipment changes (e.g. different cue ball, felt, etc) or ambient humidity/temperature after a few hours of play, it feels like I spend hours (all night) fighting my own muscle memory trying to...
  6. Thomas McKane

    Cue Ball Conversion Project a Bust

    Over a year and nothing delivered. All communications have stopped and he's dropped off the earth. Lesson learned with this guy. Cue Ball Conversion Project
  7. Thomas McKane

    Tony Chohan bank

    Damn T-Rex Bank
  8. Thomas McKane

    10-ball make it happen predictions

    Let's see how good AZ is at predicting winners. Post your guess for 1st and 2nd place Shane Van Boening Darren Appleton Thorsten Hohmann Earl Strickland Jayson Shaw Yu-Hsuan (Kevin) Cheng
  9. Thomas McKane

    Apparently 95% of all cues are...

    RARE!!!! People who sell cues, please stop using this word, you've abused it and I'm not sure you understand what it means.
  10. Thomas McKane

    Thank you to Accu-Stats for 2015 U.S. Open

    If you've been around pool players for any length of time, you know they are the hyper critical types and they tend to whine about everything. AZ has its share of that and, as I said, it's a known quirk and you just ignore it once you understand it. There were small irritating issues of...
  11. Thomas McKane

    All new Simonis cloth at our local pool hall

    Bama Billiards, in Tuscaloosa Alabama, just got all their Diamond tables recovered with all new Simonis 860. If you're in the area come by and play, it's a terrific pool hall. You'll most likely get to see the famous Marshall "Squirrel" Carpenter playing and, if you're lucky, he'll be...
  12. Thomas McKane

    Question for 9-ball tournament experts

    With all this fuss at the U.S. Open about 9-ball breaking and trying to limit the various breaking techniques by pro's, why not just switch all of these major rotation tournaments to alternating breaks? It works great for 1P.
  13. Thomas McKane

    Make your U.S. Open Prediction on Nationality of Winner

    What country will the winner be from? Make your predictions here. U.S. Philippines China .... ... .. .
  14. Thomas McKane

    U.S. Open 9-ball Updates

    Earl vs Scott Frost 1-1 Earl shooting well, talking to audience as always.
  15. Thomas McKane

    Do people only buy Black Boar cues to sell them on AZ?

    Seems like an awful lot of BB cues end up on AZ, most never played with. Not sure I get the "Black Boar Market" but I'd love to know.
  16. Thomas McKane

    Nice Gilbert cue 2011 4 sharp points in very good condition, $850 - No Longer Available

    Nice Gilbert cue 2011 4 sharp points in very good condition, $850 - No Longer Available Nice Gilbert cue 2011 4 sharp points in very good condition, $850 19.3 oz Gilbert cue, with 2 Gilbert shafts. Very nice jp's included. Just in time for Christmas, this cue won't last long at this price...
  17. Thomas McKane

    Would like my Gilbert shafts tapered like my Mottey

    My 2 Gilbert shafts have a fast taper, 13 mm on both, and it's too fat for my hands. My Mottey shafts are perfect however, the taper is amazing and fits my hand exactly. How does one go about getting the 2 thicker shafts tapered to be the same as one of the Mottey shafts?
  18. Thomas McKane

    Other things that cause unwanted deflection besides the shaft

    With the constant talk about LD shafts and the dreaded cue and/or object ball deflection, I thought I'd list a few things that I've noticed that also cause this in my experience. 1. English on the cue ball of course, goes without saying. Got to practice that center ball hit, over and over...