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  1. shinobi

    SVB/Mika Game 20

    Everything has its pros and cons. Use a template? Consistent racks, some people say too consistent/predictable. Template may interfere with a slow rolling ball. Don't use a template? Inconsistent racks, some people say too inconsistent. May lead to golden breaks, or a 9-ball hovering over...
  2. shinobi

    So I bought a Frankenstein table and I found something

    Clickbait headline, with an actual (good) payoff :)
  3. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    If that happens, then at least you could point to something reality-based instead of theoretical. If we want to play the theory game I could say that players would complain they are scratching too often off of the break because the pockets are buckets. Pick your poison. I'm happy to be proven...
  4. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    If every table was the same, and 64 players competed, what would the complaints be? Sounds like the top 8 players walked away with money because they played better than the other 56 players on identical tables.
  5. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    Fair point. Nevertheless you are comparing a theoretical against reality (ie: theoretical is your own guess for why they didn't comment, positively or negative, versus reality which is that I haven't heard of ANY comment either way). I find it interesting if they haven't congratulated Jayson...
  6. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    Except it really doesn't have anything to do with what I wrote. You're talking about theoretical. I'm talking about reality. SvB did play. Earl did play. Ruslan did play. None of them put up surprising numbers. If you want to theorize that it was only a matter of time before Ruslan or...
  7. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    Has nothing to do with what I wrote, but, okay?
  8. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    SvB "don't hardly ever play 14.1" --> And Jayson does? My question about whether SVB, Earl or Ruslan has commented on either the table or Jayson's record still stands.
  9. shinobi

    Statement from The Legends of Pocket Billiards

    SVB, Earl and Ruslan already made attempts before Jayson on the same table (and their numbers did not compare). Have they made any comment about the tables, and/or congratulated Jayson publicly?
  10. shinobi

    UNI-LOC joint - the real story

    My assumption is that Predators prices are high due to people paying it. They've been around a long, long time. Some companies succeed with premium prices and (potentially) lower but adequate volume, while others with lower prices and need higher volume. There are many good options out there for...
  11. shinobi

    SJM at the 2021 International Open

    Bonus points for use of the word rubes.
  12. shinobi

    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    I don't know if it will "help the sport" or attract anyone to pro pool, but it will be nice to have some top pros give it a go and see what kind of numbers they put up.
  13. shinobi

    Paul Portier should NOT be in the booth!

    He has been a coach and instructor for many years so it wouldn't surprise me if he wrote articles in English and had them translated into Japanese (Paul has been to Japan many times and knows many Japanese players and friends living there).
  14. shinobi

    Paul Portier should NOT be in the booth!

    Decided to edit/remove my post. Paul is good people.
  15. shinobi

    Cannot Believe How Bad Silver Cup Chalk Is

    While I was buying some product from a billiard store, they threw in a new cube of Silver Cup chalk. I could have sworn that I tried it years ago and found it poor, but couldn't remember for certain. So I tried it again. I couldn't believe how bad it was. I kept setting up some practice...
  16. shinobi

    FS: Josey cue, only 3 hours left on eBay

    Only 3 hours left (or less) depending on when you read this :P Item number: 120501573655 as seen here: and here: Good luck.
  17. shinobi

    FS: Keith Josey "Scabdagger" Cue, 3 Predator Shafts, Built-in Extension

    Now on eBay: For unknown reasons, sometimes eBay reports that the link cannot be found. When that happens please search the item number: 120501573655
  18. shinobi

    Josey Scabdagger with Predator shafts and DeRoo Cue Extension

    2008 Josey Bacote Scabdagger - Built in Kevin DeRoo Cue Extension (as seen at - 1 Predator 314^2 shaft with matching ringwork - 2 Predator Z^2 shafts with matching ringwork - 19 oz - Wrapless - Joint protectors included - Everything rolls straight...
  19. shinobi

    FS/FT: Scott Gracio Bloodwood and Ebony Cue

    *** CUE HAS BEEN SOLD *** Gracio Bloodwood, 8 high/low Ebony points, 3 shafts and leather wrap This was Scott Gracio's former playing cue that was refinished by Gracio with a new leather wrap. I bought this to try out a Gracio cue and I would not hesitate to buy another. Specifications...
  20. shinobi

    Buyer beware of ob1-mackie

    AZ Member ob1-mackie took my money for a cue on January 4th which was agreed to be shipped express mail and provide tracking information to me. After that, he claims the cue was shipped to the wrong address by his brother. He never provided tracking information, so I asked him to get a receipt...