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    A different idea for a pool room

    It seems like many of the "ideas" for widening the appeal and increasing participation levels of pool are pretty much the same. The objective of many of them appears to be to draw in as many people and their dogs as possible. I'd like to describe a different approach, just to hear your...
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    Restoring lost focus

    Just wondering, what techniques do good players use to restore their focus when they "lose it" and suddenly can't hit the side of a barn to save their lives? It happens to everybody, in every sport. I used to be heavily into tennis, which is another mind-intensive game, and a common approach...
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    Questions about pool equipment when you're not using it

    I haven't had much luck with "search" here, so I'll try a post. If it's been discussed somewhere, just point me there and excuse me! First off, I really take care of my table, described in my signature. I sweep it lightly every few days, and vacuum it maybe once a month. First, do you guys...
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    Too much chalk?

    I'm not a top player, just some guy who lives out on a farm and has a pool table, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. It seems like often when I watch some pro on YouTube or TV, some of them just CONSTANTLY rechalk their cues. After EVERY single shot, no matter how light, they grab the...
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    Bar table?

    Uh... for those of us who are utterly without clue, what is a "bar table"?
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    OK to leave balls in the pockets?

    I have Aramith Premier balls, and was wondering: does it hurt anything to leave them in the pockets, instead of putting them back on a rack after every session? I know you can't leave them on the felt, but how about in the pockets?
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    Pool rating systsem

    Some time ago I was in tennis leagues, and in tennis players are rated by their skill level. You played with a USTA certified pro (they're everywhere) for about 10 minutes and he gave you an official USTA rating like 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, etc. on up to about 7.5. Each rating is very clear, has a...
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    "Overcleaning" the cloth

    <deleted post> Help! How do I delete a post?
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    How do you warm up?

    How do you like to "warm up" and get in the groove, before going into a focused practice session? I mean your very first strokes, right after your hand wraps around the cue. I've been starting with a few easy straight-ins, then a few easy angle shots. Then I get tighter by putting the CB on the...
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    How far off the cue?

    I'm a fairly large guy - 6 feet, 220 lbs., and I'm really curious about something, especially since there are so many highly accomplished players here on AzB: in your normal stance, how far above the cue is your chin? For most shots, I'm VERY comfortable and relaxed at about 15-18 inches, and...
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    "It's George" tip scuffer?

    When I picked up my new cue today, I also picked up a tip shaper/scuffer. He sold me one for $20 called an It's George: The small indentation is a dime shaper. I tried it moderately on my tip, and holy crap, that thing tears the **** out of the...
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    New cue

    Thanks to everybody for the tips and advice. It seemed to be pretty much unanimous that my best bet was a Viking G series or McDermott. I tried both in the store, and got a McDermott Genesis in Colorado Red. 12.75mm, 19.75 ounces. I played with it a while...
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    3 or 4 bulb table light???

    Please excuse me, but I need to ask another newbie question, as I continue to set up my pool room. It's time to order a table light. This is a standard 8 foot table. The room will be very dark (dark blue walls/ceiling, with dark burgundy accent). The sole sources of light will be a couple of...
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    Need cue suggestion

    I'm almost embarrassed to ask such a fundamental question as this, but coming back into pool after a 30+ year layoff from playing and seeing the gazillion cues on the market, I really could use a pointer. Having only re-started playing a month ago, I'm really not ready yet to spend $$$ on an...
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    Does everybody use a wrap?

    I'm starting to shop around for a cue, and have seen a number of cues on the market that are wrapless. Personally, I have no problem with it. Are there many top players out there that use wrapless cues? Just wondering. Ruark
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    Dealing with "guests"

    This is my first post on this terrific forum. I'm 58, and live in a rural area about 70 miles NW of Austin, TX. My wife and I just moved into a new house on 25 acres, with a large "pool room" about 16 X 28 feet. 4 weeks ago, I had a dream come true: my first "real" pool table. It's an Olhausen...