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    my new birthday gift from my wife..mitchell thomas custom cue

    i love this cue.. please tell me what you guys think. butt, joints and ferrules are elk horn but is roses wood and curly maple with curly maple and birds eye maple points with some great ring
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    mike massey show.

    dont miss out on a great show..
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    My wifes new Mitchell Thomas cue

    She love's it... its plane but nice..
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    what kind of meucci cue is this...please help

    i have a old Meucci cue that i cant find any info on. it had copper inlay and the m is smaller then most of the other cues i seen. it has a red shaft and copper dots in the joints too. i like to know whats it worth and the year and model if any one knows i got it from a older man that...
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    my new dennis swift case

    wow just wow i love the job he did on my case and the price was great too. im telling you all if you need a case made call dennis swift he can do it right.....
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    Big 5,000 added open 9ball

    Open to all with no handy caps played on 7 ft barbox tables
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    my new mitchell thomas break cue

    I love my new Mitchell Thomas break cue and it hits them hard.
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    want to trade my or cues for a really nice case

    I have a very nice Jackson cue I like to trade for a nice case it must be a 3x6 or 4x8. it its very nice I can also put in a joss sneaky pete cue. I don't have a pic of the joss on here yet. the Jackson is in great shape and its a nice player cue.
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    jackson cue

    I need some info if someone can help me out. I got this cue from a guy in a pool game he told me he got it along time ago for $600. I got it for around $150. I like some info and did I get took on it. sorry the pic are not so good thanks
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    nice laptop for trade

    I have a great working laptop to trade for a nice cue/ let me know what you have to trade.
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    need help on a meucci cue

    it looks like a hof-1 but the veneers or not the same and the shaft does not have a dot. can you tell me what model is and price its worth?
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    adams cue made by helmstetter

    i cant find any info about this cue. i found a helmstetter with out the adams logo and stainless steal joints put still not like mine. can somone help me out. i payed $125 bucks for it with 2 shafts and the guys said it was old. thanks for the help..
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    Looking for a new style of cue making.

    If you love a great looking and playing cues, we have what you need. please look us up and see for your self one of a kind custom hand made cues. and custom ring work at great prices
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    check out mitchell thomas cues

    He has added some new cues to the site and a few for sale.
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    mitchell thomas cues and jump cue

    he just added some new jump cues and jump bridges to the website please check it out.
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    mitchell thomas cues

    i dont have many of pic of this cue. but its really neat.
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    square butt custom cue

    i love this cue. it was made by mitchell thomas custom cues.
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    mitchell thomas cues for sale

    hand made one of a kind custom pair of mitchell thomas cues for sale you will never fine cues like this pair. pm for price. comes with two butts and two shafts. one shaft per butt. thanks and have a great day.
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    mitchell thomas custom cues

    i have a good friend that makes custom cues and he is making a great name for him self. web site still under work. thanks and please look at some of his work. i play with one and i love it...