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  1. thewhiffer

    Live PPV Coverage 2023 Derby City Classic #24 Jan 20-28 by Accu-Stats Video Productions

    Where can I get access to the Bigfoot matches? I do not see any info on this on the accustats site.
  2. thewhiffer

    big foot challenge at dcc

    Does anyone know if there is a list of players invited to participate in the bigfoot challenge at DCC and, if so, where it can be seen?
  3. thewhiffer

    Thanks to those who made the US Open enjoyable for fans.

    For this fan at any rate. Thanks to all of those who contributed to make the 40th US Open 9 Ball Championship a positive experience. First, thanks to the Players, a great field showcasing some of the best pool we have ever seen. Congratulations to Cheng Yu-Hsuan for winning this prestigious...
  4. thewhiffer

    queens cup participants

    I saw that Jennifer Barretta has been announced as a participant in this years Queens Cup competition. Since it is now just under a month away I was curious as to who else is on the team. I noticed that this press release make mention of the men’s competition, the Mosconi Cup, in a...
  5. thewhiffer

    shaft length

    Is there a reason for their being a choice between a shaft of regular (29 inch) length and the optional 30 inch length? Excluding the obvious, funny, comments in respect of having an extra inch, what purpose would the 30 inch shaft serve. Are there other options in respect of longer than 30...
  6. thewhiffer

    A little empathy for and some advice to Barry Behrman.

    Thanks to a number of AZB forums participants who decided to jump in and go after Barry Behrman in response to the January 8 post by leminham in respect of non payment of prize money from the US Open it would seem that all have been paid. At least all who felt it necessary to go public and ask...
  7. thewhiffer

    I like what I saw today at the Mosconi.

    I like what I saw today at the Mosconi. Day 1 assessment of the The U.S. Mosconi Cup team ..........BRILLIANT! Yes, they may be down 3-2 but in a race to 11 that’s nothing. On the positive side they overcame new team- itis, the we are representing our country-itis, this table is fast-itis and...
  8. thewhiffer

    Barry, If you truly love the open....time to let it go!

    I do not know if players were paid (I hope so) they are the product and they provided us with a competition that was excellent; excitement, drama and a level of skill that is truly world class. With the cache of this prestigious event, fuelled by the excellent performance of the players, one...
  9. thewhiffer

    Mosconi Cup T shirt

    Mr. Wilson, I apologise for communicating this in such a public forum. However, since I do not have a way of contacting you in a less public way and since I believe the suggestion that I am offering is positive and meant to be supportive of your efforts I hope you will forgive me for that. I...
  10. thewhiffer

    hyper rails

    I bought an 8 foot dynamo bar box. The rails were dead so I had them replaced. Unfortunately, the rails are now super sensitive, more like a pin ball machine than a pool table. The balls come off the rails at twice the speed of what any other table I have ever seen. Does anyone know of a way to...
  11. thewhiffer

    Help, please

    Does anyone know how to preserve an autograph on a pool cue. I won a Lucasi Hybrid, Thorston Hohmann design cue. It is autographed by Thorston with what appears to be a sharpie pen. I would like to be sure that the autograph is preserved and does not deteriorate with use. Do any of yoou AZ'ers...
  12. thewhiffer

    U.S. bar table championships

    Does anyone know if this is going to be streamed, if so, where to get it and when. I understand that it starts Monday, 24 February but there has not been a lot of information available re-streaming.
  13. thewhiffer

    payout at the Derby

    Is there a posting anywhere that shows the prize payouts for the 9 Ball, Banks and One Pocket segments of the Derby City Classic?
  14. thewhiffer

    players list for the Derby City

    I have not been able to find a list of the players that will be participating at the Derby City Classic except for the partial list Jay provided for the Big Foot Challenge. Does anyone know if there is a list published somewhere?
  15. thewhiffer

    world cup of pool stream quality

    I recently watched the world cup of pool. Initially I received a free link and the quality was great, very smooth. However, when I realized that it was intended to be a PPV and, since I do not believe in ripping off the legitimate supplier of this stream, I went to the official site, paid the...
  16. thewhiffer

    How exactly does the Billiard Congress Of America support the professional player?

    Has the Billiards Congress Of America become a detriment to the health of professional pool in the United States? I ask this question as a result of reading a post to the string about some professional players retiring from pool. JAM posted a comment that read in part; The existing lot of...
  17. thewhiffer

    The Decider Earl vs Shane

    I subscribed to this PPV event shortly after hearing Daniel on the FREE POV stream from the Hard Times 10 ball tournament react to a question of quality from the chat room. The frequent buffering that plagued the FREE stream would not be happening on the PPV for the Decider. Later I read that...
  18. thewhiffer

    Mosconi Cup Dream Team

    I dreamt that I went to the 2013 Mosconi Cup. The United States team was awesome, led by returning Captain CJ Wiley. CJ was stoked to be back as Captain saying that he had learned so much from his first attempt that he wanted this chance to bring the Cup back where it belongs. His team...
  19. thewhiffer

    world cup of pool/world poolmasters

    This is coming up in a few months. Does anyone know who will be representing the various countries?
  20. thewhiffer

    father and son teams

    I would love to see the Dominguez father and son team against the Morra father and son team in a 8, 9, 10 ball (short races say to 11) and also billiards battle. TAR?????????