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  1. enlightphoto

    The ups & downs of playing with a broken wrist

    I'm really really not the type to brag, but I do like to tell stories, so forgive if a little bragging enters into the following. Four weeks ago I fell off a 40' cliff in Death Valley. (link goes to updated story) I spent a week in the hospital with the same injury that killed actress Natasha...
  2. enlightphoto

    Rule Question - End of 9 Ball game

    Preface; Yes, I did read a some of the "Official" rules I found online. Tonight was my first night back playing pool after my accident three weeks ago. With my bridge arm in a past-my-elbow bent cast, I went down to shoot a few games at the local pub. I gotta admit, it was pretty fun having...
  3. enlightphoto

    I ain't heard that click yet, Big Daddy...

    I got to thinking last nite about something that is probably common from moderate bar leaguer's like myself up to the top level of play. The movie line that popped in my head was from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, where Brick is explaining to Big Daddy about that click in his head. So taking that to...
  4. enlightphoto

    New Member Intro

    (Stands up in front of room) "Hello, my name is Gary, and I'm a new addict." I usually find it polite when joining a new forum to introduce myself. In this case, I'm a full-on newbie, so will probably spend most of my time on the sidelines since most here seem far, far more experienced than me...
  5. enlightphoto

    Sig test

    Will this work?