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  1. DTL

    Unable to See Center Ball

    Starting at 2 mins - 5 mins will help
  2. DTL

    Working through the "Truth Series" created by Stan S.

    I smell a previously banned (permanent) poster in this thread.
  3. DTL

    Billy Thorpe gone wild!

    Need to move away from “racking “ games. Chinese 8-Ball w/rack template could be the answer. Or, perhaps start an American Snooker Tour - have Diamond or Brunswick make a 5X10 playing surface table, use 2.25” pool balls, and with an equivalent rounded pocket to snooker specks for tightness. The...
  4. DTL

    Does anyone here know the specific names of every muscle that’s involved in the stroke?

    When in full stance you simply use the triceps to pull the cue back, and the biceps for the forward stroke.......this is for a player that is using a pure pendulum stroke with no elbow drop. For players that engage the shoulder joint (piston stroke) more bigger muscles of and surrounding the...
  5. DTL

    John Schmidt's 626

    ALL big runs have been on "easy pockets". I'd venture to say it's nearly impossible to run 400+ balls on corner pockets < 5". In 14.1 you have to be able to create angles by cheating the pocket here and there........can't do that on pockets 4.5" and less. The bigger pockets also allow the...
  6. DTL

    Accurate cue placement-Is it technique or is it talent

    Scott You need to go back and read all the previous posts. If you did you'd see that I advise players to use a grip more in line with what is taught by snooker instructors.....especially if new to the game. The twisting of the cue came up when discussing various grip types......tighter grips...
  7. DTL

    Accurate cue placement-Is it technique or is it talent

    For players with certain grips, the twisting is essential for straight cueing. It is normal or natural for their stroke......not steering. Next time you can watch certain pro players (Earl) in person, watch the points (inlays) on their stick rotate one way on the backswing and then reverse on...
  8. DTL

    Accurate cue placement-Is it technique or is it talent

    I don't think so. I believe twisting is a subconscious way to keep to stick going in a straight line......and works very well for many players, including top tier pros (Earl and Johnny). Here are some videos that describe some of what I've been talking about.
  9. DTL

    Accurate cue placement-Is it technique or is it talent

    In order for the stick to be pulled back in a straight line, the back fingers have to get out of the way. If you keep them glued in place, something has to give in order for the stick to stay on that straight line --> like a very limited (short) back swing, or you'd have to engage the shoulder...
  10. DTL

    Accurate cue placement-Is it technique or is it talent

    The key to playing great pool is finding a grip that allows the cue to travel in a straight line. If you can find a grip that just naturally unfolds on the backswing and then naturally returns (folds back) to your intended target, you'll start playing better. Light grip strength and letting...
  11. DTL

    Floor covering for basement

    I'm about finished with my new basement. I went with 2X2' carpet tiles for the playing area and luxury vinyl plank for the rest of the flooring. Pictured is just before the table went in......the black area is same tiles but in 18X36" strips. The tiles have padding under them and actually...
  12. DTL

    Timing in pool

    To me timing is hitting your exact cueball target with the tip - an area about the size of a BB - at your exact intended angle and speed. This is very hard to do consistently and is why pool is a very difficult game. Lets say I have my perfect grip (for me) and at setup my tip is about 1/8 -...
  13. DTL

    Shadows on table after installing Diamond light

    In the light box was a Diamond light information sheet. It had various light related info including recommendations for the bulbs. I first called Tocor and their bulbs were $10 a piece (need 8) and the shipping was crazy high....about $40 if I recall. So I went with the other recommendation...
  14. DTL

    Shadows on table after installing Diamond light

    Installed my new Diamond light today. Using 8 LED 4' bulbs, the ones with the light strip in the tube. Turned it on and I have shadows. Flipped the diffuser and same. No shadows without the diffuser in place. Any help appreciated. Pic attached shows the shadows......had a blanket on the...
  15. DTL

    Diamond Professional Pedestal/Feet

    Is the pedestal/feet on the professional (see pic 1) the same on both the 9' and 8'? Or is the 8' smaller. If the same, does anyone know the distance in inches between the outside edges of the feet, width and length? If not, I need the distance on the 8'. I'm gonna use carpet tiles in my...
  16. DTL

    8' Pool Table

    WTB 8' pool table........ restored centennials/anniversaries/GCs. No pockets < 4.5", please. Diamonds have to be blue label. Thanks. DTL
  17. DTL

    Diamond Rails

    Artemis is used on 9’ blue labels. I heard “black diamond “ rubber is used on their 7’ & 8’ tables. Is this rubber any good? Thanks. DTL
  18. DTL

    Pocket Size

    Is there anyway to calculate the size of this pocket by just using this photo? Thanks.