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  1. Pugh

    Predator SE-9

    Predator SE-9 *Price Reduced* I am selling a used predator se-9. This was my personal playing cue for about 6 months. It is in great shape. Comes with a 314-2 shaft w/ med. moori. Weighs like 19.5 oz. Asking $700. Here is a link to the pic on predator website...
  2. Pugh

    Wrapless BCM New

    Wrapless BCM New *Price Reduced* I am going to sell my latest bcm. It has only been test hit (a couple racks). It has been sitting in my murnak since the day I received it. Dont know why I am selling it.:confused: :confused: Pictures can be seen at...
  3. Pugh

    My new BCM!!

    My new BCM just arrived today. Just thought I would share a few pics. The wood quality is excellent. This is my third one that I have got from Bryan and they just keep getting better and better. The new taper on his shafts and butts are great compared to the earlier models. Hope the pics...
  4. Pugh

    Online AZ Action!!!

    After the bergman/morra match the last three days and alot of online betting. I was just wondering how many of you have had bad experiences with this. Have any ever of you got stiffed? I guess I would like to see a list of members who have completed their part of the deal after losing. And...
  5. Pugh

    Best drill/workout dvd?

    I am looking for a couple good workout videos. I know Bert Kinister has a few 60 minute workout videos, but which ones would you recommend. I play by myself and get sick of just playing games all the time.
  6. Pugh

    Top bar table tourneys in the U.S.?

    I am just wondering what everyone thinks are the top bar table tourneys in the U.S.? Base you opinion on quality, size, competition, payback, etc. I havent been to any major ones but plan to attend a couple next year. I am planning on attending the US Bar Table Championships, and possibly...
  7. Pugh

    Clarification with this "Scooter"guy.

    I believe that there were two "scooters" in action at the dcc and everyone is linking them as one. The scooter that I am aware of is Justin Whitehead, at least thats what he interduced himself as last year at vegas to me. He was playing with Danny Smith. In another thread about "scooter"...
  8. Pugh

    Predator Partial Shafts???

    I just bought another custom cue and was wondering if the predator partials are turned down by the cuemaker or do they come standard size and all that is required is the joint work. The reason I ask is because the cue I bought has a slightly larger joint(diameter) than average and all the...
  9. Pugh

    Only 354 Days Left until DCC 2008

    Well I just got home from the DCC after a 19 hour striaght drive through one of the worst ice storms I have ever been in. Big Nasty and I made the trip down for the first time ever and both cant wait to go back. If you havent attended this event you are definately missing out. The tourney is...
  10. Pugh

    Signing Up at Tourney??

    Hey all. I am leaving from SD on Tues. morning and for the past two months people have told me that I can sign up at the tournament without a problem. I thought alright, that way if something comes up I am not out the moeny. But now I am hearing that they are not allowing this??? Have they...
  11. Pugh

    My priceless Huebler Collection.

    Just thought I would share a few pics of my "PRICELESS" Huebler collection. Left to Right. The first cue was won at VNEA Junior Nationals in the youth team division(9-13). 3rd place. I was 10 years old at the time. We had a great year, but knew we had alot ahead of us as the other two were...
  12. Pugh

    Jim Buss on Ebay????

    Yesterday morning there was a 16 point wrapless jim buss on ebay with 8 hours left. I was going to bid at noon and the cue was no where to be found. The cue had four shafts with it. Does anyone know what happened to the auction or see the cue on ebay?? It pisses me off when they end auctions...
  13. Pugh

    How do you practice??

    With all this talk lateley about how much everyone practices, my question is how do you all practice? If you use drills, explain the most common ones you use. If you have a different routine for everyday such kicks one day banks the next, please explain that also. I am just looking for a few...
  14. Pugh

    FS: McDermott TC Cues. Collectors.

    I have for sale 2 TC-1's. One is brand new still with the stickers on it and the other is used but will be professionaly refinished. I may also have a brand new TC-2, I will have to check the "stash" to make sure though. Here is some info on the cues...
  15. Pugh

    Landon Shuffet at the age of 7

    Just came across this and though you all might enjoy it.
  16. Pugh

    FS: Predator SE9 w/314-2 shaft

    Up for sale is my predator SE9. The cue is excellent condition with only 5 months of use. The cue weighs in at 19.5 oz. I will get pics up asap. Asking $1000 OBO. PM if interested.
  17. Pugh

    My BCM Cue

    Just thought I would share some pics of the beautiful cue that Bryan made for me. Bryan is a top notch cuemaker and is great to deal with. Every problem that has occured he has handled in a professional manner. If read this Bryan, thank you again for everything.
  18. Pugh

    Wanted: 7' Diamond

    I am looking to buy a used 7 foot diamond, preferrably the pro-am model with the one piece slate. If any one has one for sale or if you know of anyone please send me a pm. Thank you
  19. Pugh

    My Home Pool Room

    Just thought I would share a few pics of my pool rooom. The table is a 9 Diamond with pro cut pockets. There will soon be a 7 foot tabe, either a diamond or a valley, sitting where the treadmill is. PS: This is my first time posting pics so I hope it all works out.
  20. Pugh

    Diamond Pro vs. Pro-Am

    Could someone please give me all benefits and downfalls of both these tables. I know the pro-am is one piece slate and the pro is three piece. Looking at purchising very soon and need to make my final decision.