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    So did anyone go to SBE, and take photos ❓

    We went and Jin played well in the 12 and under. Best pic was his mama highly stressed 🤣

    Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) for measuring table "toughness"

    Jin Powell's table 9' blue label Diamond, originally ordered with 4 1/8 pockets then added a shim, just measure by tape measurer with my sloppiness.

    Why dont pro's ride the 9 and such?

    At their level, percentage vs risk is everything on each shot. % of the shot or other shots available vs cue ball placement. Now factor in a combo, and that % goes up depending on shot. If the 9 is sitting in a pocket, then the risk is obviously lower. Much better to go with the more...

    Joy Chinese Pool Table

    We had one, each piece of slate is about 375lbs, table is built like a tank at almost double the weight of a Diamond. Make sure you have someone that can change the cloth for you locally if you don't do it yourself. Each portion of rail is really heavy for a table mechanic to manipulate and...

    John Morra appreciation

    Crazy how John made the transition to his other hand. Still takes a few shots as a righty.

    To glove or not to glove

    We use a glove, but mainly due to CF getting gritty and such during gameplay. Yes, you can wipe down the CF anytime, but with a glove, we can play a full tournament without the need to wipe it down. And the consistent feel and smoothness is there. My son Jin has hands that get very sweaty so...

    New 2021 BreakRAK & 20 year Anniversary

    Pretty sure this would have to be sent in.

    New 2021 BreakRAK & 20 year Anniversary

    My son has a breakrak, what is needed for the radar piece to be added? I don't see anything on the breakrak that it could mount to?

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    No, actually your wrong about paying closer attention, we always pay close attention and we are very structured as we train all week, only compete on some weekends.
  10. TEAM SLO

    Diamond Ball Polisher issue...

    They should put some wheels on it as well 😂
  11. TEAM SLO

    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    did you have some sort of locking mechanism so the table doesnt move unintentionally? That would delay the turns by a few seconds as well.
  12. TEAM SLO

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    We have a local friend who is a very good player (777 fargo), and he suggested it. So we gave it a go and it's worked out well for us.
  13. TEAM SLO

    Diamond Ball Polisher issue...

    That's what we do...
  14. TEAM SLO

    Diamond Ball Polisher issue...

    Don't want to make a mess on the rest of the machine if it's already spinning. The way we do it works great already.
  15. TEAM SLO

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    We have always had dime shaped tips for our cues. From 11.75 up to 12.5. Recently we switched to nickel shaped and its been great for us.
  16. TEAM SLO

    Diamond Ball Polisher issue...

    We always place the cue ball and 1 ball on opposite sides..... then apply 1-2 drops for the cue and 1 ball. Then run it for 5 minutes, no issues for over a year. Been cleaning at least once a week. 3 ball sets and 8 extra cue balls, all get cleaned each week, sometimes more often.
  17. TEAM SLO

    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    anyone have a link to their match? Cant seem to find it on youtube
  18. TEAM SLO

    Pool Rooms in Vegas

    Just for awareness, I believe grand opening is delayed until May 21.
  19. TEAM SLO

    Introducing a new kid to the game - Cue suggestion

    Hey Murray, 1st off, you anywhere near Vegas? If so, let me know if you would like to get your grandson and my son together for some light practice/suggestions. As far as cue goes, I'm assuming he has played "some" in the past? I would steer him towards the CF shaft as most especially at...
  20. TEAM SLO

    What makes a GREAT pool hall?

    Speaking for both my son and myself and observations over the years at different places. Good equipment Several different types of good equipment New city and Steinway are great for examples New City has from snooker, to regular 9 foots and heated 3 cushion tables Steinway has a massage...