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    Scott Frost retired?

    So is Scott a card dealer now? Has he really not played since the bonus ball fiasco? Did he officially say he was retiring from pool? Or will he be at DCC?
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    Muecci vs Muecci Original

    Muecci vs Muecci Original What is the difference? Are the Non Originals made in china or are the Originals limited production? Or is it the date of production?
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    Ever heard of Oscar Moraya cues?

    Anyone ever heard of Oscar Moraya or Moraia or Moravia or something like that? I heard he makes an incredible hitting cue....?? Does this ring a bell? Where can I find one of these cues?
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    F/S Predator sneaky 8 pt -case-jumper

    For sale 8 points, 4 high, 4 low. Predator sneaky Pete joint-less uni-loc pin. No shaft. Custom linen wrap, brown with black spec. Wrap is only about 8in in length from bottom of butt cap up towards the forearm. 14.9oz..... In GREAT condition. ***Also a 3x5 black vinyl case like new ***And...
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    Free stream django vs shaw. 12:30

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    Ferrules/ferrule-less shafts

    I am starting to see more shafts being made without ferrules, with the Leather tip applied directly to the maple shaft. And I'm wondering why do pool cue shafts have ferrules in the first place? What is the purpose of the ferrule? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to having a shaft...
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    Hard times 10 ball coverage?

    So.... Is the hard times 10 ball tournament coverage about to start on
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    Teach me to upload pics!! Please

    I received some great help in this section earlier today… Now I am wanting to learn how to upload images to my posts… Sometimes it works for me sometimes it doesn't. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to upload images to my posts. I am using an iPad. Thanks! Matt
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    F/S SIMONIS new still in plastic

    *****SOLD SOLD SOLD***** Simonis green. 860. New, never taken out of its plastic wrapper. For 9ft table. $200 shipped PRICE REDUCTION*** ***$175**** Call or text matt 239-777-7973 or PM me.... Or email
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    Moderate this Moderate that.... WTF!!

    Every time I try to post something it's gotta be checked by a moderator... Half the time it never gets posted. Am I stupid or something?? ALSO... Why can't I go to my profile and see every post that I have ever made? Or at least the last 20…?? Either this forum isn't very user-friendly or I...
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    F/S Predator 314-2 shafts

    SOLD SOLD SOLD PLEASE REMOVE Great condition. Collar-less sneaky Pete style joint. $160 Shipped CONUS. And I also Have another identical one in great condition with a Kamui soft brown tip I will ship for $175 CONUS Price reduction $150*****SOLD $160*****(Kamui) Still Available...
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    Jacoby Jump cue like new

    Jacoby extended version jump cue. Gray stained. Like new. Jumps very well. Best cue ball controlling jump cue I've ever jumped with. I just got this cue a couple months ago. Hardly been used. No imperfections! I paid $185. I will sell for....... $125 shipped CONUS OR for $165 you can also get...
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    Price reduced GOLD CROWN $750.00***

    Price reduced GOLD CROWN $600.00*** Brunswick GC1. Drop pockets. 9' table is in good shape for being almost 50 years old. It came out of an old bowling alley in Indiana. It was in my living room for six years until a recent move. It is now disassembled in my garage. Steal this table from me for...
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    F/S SCHON Sneaky Pete BW2

    For sale. SCHON SNEAKY PETE BW2. Cue is BRAND NEW. Only test hit about 20 balls. Four points ebony, stainless steel joint. Butt weighs 15.6oz, shaft weighs 4.2oz, 13mm. $450 shipped CONUS Pm me with your email address for pics Matt 239-777-7973
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    F/S Predator BK2 butt w/playing shaft

    For sale. Used. BK2 wrap-less. I am selling this cue without a BK2 break shaft. Instead it comes with a regular playing 314-2 shaft. Cue rolls straight together or apart. Cue and shaft are in great condition. Butt weighs 14.6oz(with 1.1oz weight bolt). Shaft weighs 4.0oz. Shaft is 12.75 mm, 29"...
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    9' gold crown Brunswick

    1960s era. Drop pockets. Table is un-assembled. Comes with brand-new 860 Simonis Green, still in the plastic, never stretched. $1250.00 I have no pictures of this table because it is un-assembled. I only have a picture of a very similar table. Matt 239-777-7973 Naples FL