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    Very Rare Ernie Martinez 60" Gus Szamboti Tribute Cue from 1994

    Did you ever sell this cue? If not, I'm interested.
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    Ernie Martinez cues

    Can you give me more info on the cue? Length, weight, size, pin, condition, price? Thanks!
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    Ernie Martinez cues

    Please PM with what you've got. Thank you.
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    Ernie Martinez cues

    Did you ever sell your Ernie Martinez cue?
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    Starkey butterfly

    Beautiful cue. It doesn't fit the main theme of my collection, but I'm still seriously considering it.
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    Bruce Ryan or Greg Sirca cues

    Are there any Bruce Ryan or Greg Sirca cues out there for sale? I'm looking to expand my collection of Colorado-built cues. Thank you.
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    chess themed cue pics

    I've got the Queen from that series.
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    Sneaky Pete Cues ……

    Whom are you referring to? I'm in Colorado, and I'd be very interested in having him do a conversion for me.
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    Need help identifying this Adam cue

    There is a Castillo cue case that I'm interested in purchasing, but it's being sold as part of a cue/case bundle. I know what the case is worth, but I have no idea about the cue. The seller says it's a 1978 Adam cue with a buffalo wrap. Here are the best pictures I have of the cue. Given...
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    AE cue

    Still available?
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    WTB a John Robinson or a Cog

    Thanks for the information. Do you know when these cues were made? I was told this one was from the 1980s. Here's mine: It looks like there may be a signature engraved on one of the points. I tried to bring it out with some graphite powder, but wasn't very successful. I think I'll...
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    WTB a John Robinson or a Cog

    I think I now own this cue. Is there anything you can tell me about it? It came with a custom Jill Hawk 2x4 case, and it appears to be signed on one of the points--though it's very hard to tell. The engraving is very tiny and partially worn away. Thanks!
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    Looking for a 1x2 case $150-$200

    Can you send me some pictures? Thank you.
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    Roland Becker Chess Themed Cue

    I'm aware of that. Never hurts to ask.
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    It's George/Fellini hardware replacement kit

    I found a 10+ year old post from someone selling replacement hardware kits for It's George cases. I messaged the seller directly and I'm waiting for a response, but I'm not too hopeful. They haven't been active since that time. Does anybody know if these hardware kits can still be found...
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    Looking for a 1x2 case $150-$200

    I'm looking for a nice 1x2 case in the $150-$200 range. Nice, because it's going to be a Christmas present to go along with a cue. Not too nice, because it's for my daughter's boyfriend, and I don't want him to get the impression that I actually like him.
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    Roland Becker Chess Themed Cue

    Do you still have this cue? If so, would you ever consider selling it? I recently picked up the Queen cue from this set, and had Roland refinish it. He still had a couple of the small ivory queen inlays, so he made me a set of joint protectors as well.
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    Sold Cuetrack Stroke Trainer (very rare)

    My experience is that there are very few things in life that you can get REALLY good at on your own, without some form of training. You can certainly get better and learn to compensate for poor form, but that's not a substitute for directed training.
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    Sold Cuetrack Stroke Trainer (very rare)

    While I'm not in the market to spend $500 on this, I'd really like to try building one of these for myself. Would you be willing to measure and share the dimensions? Length and diameter of the tube and length, diameter, and spacing of the pins. Thank you.