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  1. dealerphil

    Help Identify: 4 Point, 4 Veneer, Razor Blade Sleeve

    Help Identify: 4 Pointer Help me! Help me! I've got a cue and I can't look the maker up. Adam, Helmstetter, Joss, Mali...What do we have here???!!! 5/16x18 piloted Any and all help will be appreciated, as well as, supporting reference material for confirmation.
  2. dealerphil

    Repositioned Wanted/For Sale Button

    I would like to not thank who decided to reposition the Wanted/For Sale button and decided it was a great idea to put The Action Room in its place. It is a constant great displeasure. :smile: So cheers to you my cruel and unusual friend! If you are now reading this please click HERE for a more...
  3. dealerphil

    1990's J. Pechauer - JP-01 - Rare Joint

    >>> $178.88 <<< 1990's J. Pechauer - JP-01 Rare joint material that is NOT stainless steel 11.75mm tip - Unknown Medium (Plays and Looks Like Kamui Brown) Super Burnished Shaft!
  4. dealerphil

    Carolina Custom - Cocobolo 4 point

    >>> ON HOLD <<< Carolina Custom - Cocobolo 4 Pointer w/ extra shaft 3/8x10 modified joint The original shaft fits tight! Beauty! The points line up pretty darn close. Original Shaft 12.53mm - Kamui Black Medium? Extra Shaft (custom ring work / phenolic collar) 12.25mm - Tip Unknown - Grippy...
  5. dealerphil

    WANTED: 14mm Tip - Break Shaft - 5/16x14

    Wanted! Break Shaft 14mm tip Stiff Taper 5/16x14 0.8410 inches / 21.36mm at the joint Black Collar Whatcha got?
  6. dealerphil

    Jimmy Reeves, Harrison, Pechauer - $250 each firm

    Cues FS - No More - They're Gone >>>gone<<<
  7. dealerphil

    FS - Ron Trager - Snakewood points into Rosewood - Ivory Rings ***328 shipped***

    FS - Ron Trager - Snakewood points into Rosewood - Ivory Rings Ron Trager - Precise Billiards custom cue - SOLD - PayPal FF Simply Wow! Rare . . . Up for sale to the buyer that instantly recognizes the value of custom craftsmanship, this Ron Trager cue, has snakewood points into rosewood with...
  8. dealerphil

    FS - C. Burton J/B Burl Wood - Beautifully Figured - 300

  9. dealerphil

    FS/FT - C. Burton J/B, Burl & C. Burton Player, Curly Maple + ?Bonus Cue? & McD Shaft

    Fs/ft ~~~~~~~~~~~~sold~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sold~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. dealerphil

    FS or Trade - McDermott EF-2 w/ 2 Shafts, Feeler for Interest on Unknown Cue (Adams?)

    ***SOLD*** is a McDermott EF-2 made in the 90's. It is a retired merry widow model made is the 90's. There are 2 shafts included with this cue. This cue plays jam up. One shaft is 29.5 inches long. The tip is 13mm with a 1 inch ferrule. It is 21.5mm at the joint. The second shaft is 30 inches...
  11. dealerphil

    ****Purple Heart Sneaky Pete with Predator Shaft****

    Unknown custom Purple Heart Sneaky Pete with Predator shaft. WAS $375 - NOW****$325**** Paypal with free shipping to CONUS. I bought this local to Charlotte, NC. It was custom made for the person and the maker is unknown to me. The Predator shaft has no marking. One can clearly see the...
  12. dealerphil

    TRADE: Tamron 28-75 2.8 for Canon Lens for Custom Playing Cue

    TRADE: Tamron 28-75 2.8 for Canon Lens for Custom Playing Cue I am looking to trade the lens for a playing cue. If anyone is interested in trading, then please show me what you have and let's see if we can make a deal. Nice, Not So Sneaky Pete Simple 4 Pointers w/ Wrap Merry Widow / PJ...
  13. dealerphil

    For Sale: 7 - 9' Brunswick Medalist and 1 - 7' Diamond Smart Table

    For Sale. Located in NC. (7) 9' Brunswick Medalist (1) 7' Diamond Smart Table PM for details. Thanks.
  14. dealerphil

    WTT Carolina Custom sneaky pete

    SOLD!!! Dropping price to shipped to CONUS and Firm. Carolina Custom, cocobolo, sneaky pete. It has a Kamui Black medium tip. Not sure about shaft and butt weights. Tip is near 12mm. Shaft has some dings. Butt has a couple small dings in the clear coat. Shaft and butt roll straight...
  15. dealerphil

    FS: Cocobolo PJ with Predator Shaft, J Pechauer PJ, J&J jump break with Lucasi Case

    FS: Cocobolo PJ with Predator Shaft, J Pechauer PJ, J&J jump break with Lucasi Case Price Drop $450 plus shipping to US for everything here . . . Unknown Custom Cocobolo Plain Jane with Original Shaft & Predator Shaft Uni Loc Joint J Pechauer Plain Jane JP series speed joint J&J...
  16. dealerphil

    When I shot with Mizerak . . .

    It was back in 2000. The year I graduated high school. I was sitting in science class and a fellow student started bragging about how is gonna be outta classes for the rest of the day because of some field trip down to the local pool hall. I thought, "pool hall"? Here in NC they let you in...