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  1. Jayson

    dee adkins 8 ball tourney at cornfed reds

    just wondering if any az members will be attending dee adkins 8 ball tournament at cornfed reds on saturday and sunday 26-27
  2. Jayson

    Predator Z2 shaft for a schon/ fs

    I have a Predator Z2 shaft for a schon that i want to sell. its about 9 months old and it in Very good condition. It has a moori medium tip but will probably need a tip soon cause i hit a lot of balls. The more i play with it the more i dont really care for the taper, i like my 314 better. Id...
  3. Jayson

    Anyone know a guy named John Bailey from southern ohio

    I always heard about a guy named John Bailey when i was growing up but i could never get any info on how he really played. I heard he used to run with buddy hall and used to play great. If anyone knows the truth it would be appreciated. I think he also used to be called little red.