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  1. Gsitz89

    How come pool merchandise companies do not market on AZ fourms?

    Do they not think that it would benefit their sales or do the forums not allow it at all? Has anyone ever seen this? Just curios.
  2. Gsitz89

    What to list when selling a cue?

    I have a cue I want to list for sale. What all information do I need to list to get the most out of my posting? Any info is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  3. Gsitz89

    Where is sc5tom or whatever his name was?

    I miss the good ole days of everyone complaining about this guy or dippy Dave. All there is to read about now is bonus ball, TOI, or what's with pool :(
  4. Gsitz89

    White diamond updates?

    Who is all there, any early upsets, what was the calcuttas at?
  5. Gsitz89

    Texas open

    Sure isn't much hype this year, what's the deal with that?
  6. Gsitz89

    Best way to store cues?

    I have my extra cues and shafts in an extra hard case laying down not standing up, would this be alright?
  7. Gsitz89

    Why so many stake threads?

    It's kinda sad but every time I get on AZ which is several times a day there is always a new one popping up! I'll say it do no one else has too, damn you cleary!
  8. Gsitz89

    Tournaments in Texas this weekend?

    I'm looking on the tourney announcement and didn't see anything. Anyone know of anything happening? Thanks
  9. Gsitz89

    Playing under pressure...

    I was thinking of why sometimes my game is different between playing for fun and tournaments and playing for money. Now I don't play God like by any means but I do seem to play better in tournaments, I know what everyone thinks is it's the money but its not. The only thing I can think of is the...
  10. Gsitz89

    Was there ever any money in pool?

    At any point in time did any of the pros ever actually make a decent living? I know that the IPT and the Camel tour were pretty good i just didn't know if there was anything else?
  11. Gsitz89

    Playing good in a tourney or a money match?

    What seperates the two. What makes someone play good in one but not the other.
  12. Gsitz89

    At what speed do most decide to hit the road?

    At what playing speed do or did most decide to take their game on the road? C, B, A, AA, AAA. Does it matter if someone knows how to match up? How long does it typically last?
  13. Gsitz89

    Is winning a handicapped tourney really a big of a accomplishment?

    It seems like if I ever had won a handicapped event that I would not fill satisfied seeing as you really are not beating the better players. Any thoughts?
  14. Gsitz89

    Mosconi Cup 2012

    I think this years team is a good choice. Just hope Dechaine and Hatch can keep their cool:cool:
  15. Gsitz89

    Efren Reyes

    I found these on Youtube. enjoy The first ones seem to be translated but the rest dont appear to be.
  16. Gsitz89

    Svb us open

    Has Shane won yet?
  17. Gsitz89

    BCA Nationals

    Just wondering what to expect this year.
  18. Gsitz89


    Im going to vegas in about a week from the 17th-21st and was wondering what people suggestions are to do. I know I just missed the TAR match but was hoping maybe some after action may be going down.
  19. Gsitz89


    I heard Shane practices alot. Just wondering how he spends his time practicing? Like 2 hrs for drills, an hour for breaks etc. Or if he just does whatever.
  20. Gsitz89


    Why do people that have no business trying to give weight try to? I was playing a guy the other day that I should have been playing even but he was was trying to give me the seven. Why? Is it an ego thing? Maybe an excuse if they loose "well I was giving him this". I don't know. What I do know...