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  1. juegabillar

    Where is the biggest archive or discontinued Schon cues?

    Just to let you guys know that the is no longer working. But the Palmer site is.
  2. juegabillar

    Any Photo Gallery of the US Open?

    Can't find a photo gallery of this year's (2013) US Open players as in past years. Anyone with a link?
  3. juegabillar

    So the Bonus Ball saga continues.....

    Yeap, no Bonus Ball beginning on Aug 1, 2013. They need more time to figure out what the heck they are going to do (how to secure more money). We don't know if the players are really gonna get paid (but the check is in the mail). The Bonus Ball saga continues...... More info here...
  4. juegabillar

    Winning Shots Video

    Video of Almost all winning shots of the Men's WPA 9-Ball Championships for the years 1991, 1996, 1999, 2000-2007, 2010 and 2012. Video edited and posted by GaryChinVideography. For informational purposes; these are the Men and Women World Pool-Billiard Association...
  5. juegabillar

    US Open 9 Ball Entries and Seats

    US Open 9 Ball Championships tickets for seats, and player entries can now be made at: There is a 3% fee. If you want to avoid the fee, you will have to pay by check and most probably send to Barry or Shannon. Wishing the Behrman's the best this year .!!!
  6. juegabillar

    Anyone knows where is the Accu-Stats Magazine Archives???

    Searching for the Accu-Stats Magazine Archives I believe were once stored at this website. Does anyone have a link? Just need some info for some research.... Any assistance will be appreciated.
  7. juegabillar

    US OPen Prize Money Down

    First prize is down to $25,000 2nd = $15,000 3rd = 10,000 4th = $6,000 5-6 = $4,000 7-8 = $3,000
  8. juegabillar

    Shane Van Boening wins Nicaragua Open

    Congrats to Shan Van Boeining for winning the Nicaragua 10 Ball open this past weekend. Results at:
  9. juegabillar

    Barry Behrman offers US Open Discount

    I'm all in for Barry's offer to the players participating in this year's US Open. Although the offer is limited to the month of May, perhaps Barry should think of extending the offer until June/July given the fact that many are in Las Vegas right now, and there is another big event scheduled...
  10. juegabillar

    Chia Ching Wu banned by APBU

    Was reading the article on Pin Yi Ko Winning the Subic-Olongapo Open Pool Championship and came upon this interesting paragraph: Fu, now ranked No. 1 in Chinese Taipei following the official ban on former double world champion Chia Ching Wu by the Asian Pocket Billiards Union (APBU), dictated...
  11. juegabillar

    Photoshop this picture

    Embossed version...
  12. juegabillar

    Photoshop this picture

    First !!!! My rendition.......
  13. juegabillar

    Cue design template needed

    Hope this could be of some help: This is a bilingual version (Spanish & English)
  14. juegabillar

    NCS 8-Ball Championship Feb. 13-15 Expected Payouts

    Holly; using the following map, could you please let me know the approximate location of the Golden Nugget?
  15. juegabillar

    President Obama a Pool Hall Junkie?

    More pool pictures of Obama Somebody sent me these pictures (other than the ones posted at this link):
  16. juegabillar

    Local Pool Table Used by Obama to be Auctioned

    Obama shooting Pool Found these pictures in the Internet. I wonder if it is the same place: Spetty, any idea???
  17. juegabillar

    1st Runner-Ups - US Open

    List of Past US Open Champions & Runner-up 2008 Mika Imonnen - Ronnie Alcano 2007 Shane Van Boening - Ronnie Alcano
  18. juegabillar

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    When pumpkins drink too much.... Warning! Pictures may be too graphic...:wink:
  19. juegabillar

    Mike, please fix US Open Championship Story...

    Mika's moment of winning the US Open Championship shows on the front page but the story takes me to the Viking 9 Ball tour with contents about the Kamui tips. There seems to be something wrong with the link. This is what I get: Viking Cue...
  20. juegabillar

    No vbookie for Alcano/Immonen???

    How about a Vbookie for Alcano/Immonen????