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  1. half fast bankr

    Sold Pre-Flag Master's Tan chalk

    I’ll take it. Hit me up with your pay info.
  2. half fast bankr

    Small Hole SW Joint Pin

    Not a hex/Allen. It’s def a centering hole.
  3. half fast bankr

    Small Hole SW Joint Pin

    Just found this thread. I have an ‘85 (loa) with small hole. I also have an ‘83 confirmed by DPK to be his, with big hole. I’ve also heard the big hole was used by both parties. Jerry would use Dave’s surplus pins while working together. I have a pic somewhere with all 3 holes I’ll try to...
  4. half fast bankr

    2012 ED YOUNG / DPK 9 pointer FOR SALE!

    Sooo, can we see the cue? And is it for sale??
  5. half fast bankr

    Sold Rick Howard Sneaky

    Weight of butt only? Thx
  6. half fast bankr

    Sold Rick Howard Wrapless Six Point For Sale/Trade

    What price/trade range are you in??? Also, can you post weights and dimensions please? I have many cues you’d probably like to trade, but don’t know where you are value-wise. Feel free to email me at the ‘email’ link just below.
  7. half fast bankr

    9 PT Franklin South West - 1995 + jb case

    Oh man. Itchy trigger finger over here. If it was a little lighter... Awesome cue!!
  8. half fast bankr

    New layout

    You da man! Thank you!
  9. half fast bankr

    New layout

    Apologies in advance, I’m sure this is posted somewhere, but I cannot find it. Trying to find out who I bought a cue from, and the only place I think I can find a hint is in my messages. unfortunately, I cannot find my messages, which used to be easily accessed under user control panel. can...
  10. half fast bankr

    Sold FS: Wrapless Ebony Cognoscenti

    I visited Joe’s shop back in ‘93. I watched him take one of his nicer cues, hold it over his head with both hands, and full force stab/jam it into a 2x4 wood stud in the exposed wall. Again, full force! It left deep hopes in the wood of the stud. Didn’t leave so much as a scratch on the joint pin.
  11. half fast bankr

    FOG needs help uploading pics

    It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded any pics. I’m a Mac user and used to use photobucket to host my images, but haven’t done that in forever. What do you guys prefer (and how) for uploading images these days? Thank you... FOG = Focking Old Guy ;)
  12. half fast bankr

    Wanted WTB: low deflection thin 3/8-10 shaft

    Looking for a used good condition OB classic pro or similar in 3/8-10. Solid black collar a must. Must be thin (12.25mm-11.75mm) from manufacturer, no turned down shafts please. Thanks for your help.
  13. half fast bankr

    Windy City Cue Show this year??

    Haven't seen or heard anything yet. Is this show happening this year? Thx.
  14. half fast bankr

    Appraisals for insurance purposes?

    Unless purchased new from builder, how are you heavy's going about proving value for the collectible cues you own and want to add to your home owners policy? Individual appraisals from whom, or just a blanket policy? Any constructive thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  15. half fast bankr

    Fellini: The Final Chapter

    One year ago on August 26th, the world lost a a wonderful person, and the billiards world lost an icon. A true Hall OF Famer in my honest opinion. I don't need to tell any one about Bob Hempel's claim to fame in the pool community, his cases have been to every corner of mother earth. Some may...
  16. half fast bankr

    Wanted: OB Classic Pro 3/8-14

    Looking for a new or barely used OB Classic Pro (11.75mm) in 3/8-14 size thread. Thread size fits Cuetec, Bender, Omega, etc. Plain black collar preferred. I already have Muellers dealer pricing, so please, no high-ballers here ;) Please email me at link below if you can help. Thank you,
  17. half fast bankr

    Trade: Masters pre-flag Blue for Tan. 1gross

    I've got a gross of Masters pre-flag blue I'd like to trade in whole or part for the same in Tan. Holler if you can help. Thanks.
  18. half fast bankr

    *DPK* ~Kersenbrock~ Merrywidow

    Brand new late 70's David Kersenbrock Merrywidow cue. (Goncola Alves I believe) This cue just got back from a total resto at Dave's shop. New wrap, new shafts, new collars. Mint 100% condition. Cue also come with receipt and photo of Dave himself standing over this cue on the lathe. Also pic of...
  19. half fast bankr

    Wanted: Used OB Classic PRO 5/16-14

    Looking for a used but in good shape OB CLassic Pro in 5/16-14. Must have black collar. Piloted and silver ring are preferred but not necessary. Please let me know what you have available. Thank you.
  20. half fast bankr

    looking for 3/8-14 JP's and pins. (Bender size)

    As title states. PM if you can help. Thanks.