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    WTB: good cheap playing cue to get back into the game

    Finally moved to an area with a pool room, but don't know how much time I will be re-dedicating so i'm not looking for anything expensive... $50-$200 is my desired price range, preferably cheaper than more expensive. I played mostly in the early to mid 2k's, and my requests will prob reflect...
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    Have you used carbon fiber and went back to wood?

    maybe its just the cue i was using, but i tried a REVO, it almost had like a 'hollow' feel to it, but i noticed i was a lot more sharp in some of the shots i was making. also noticed i didn't need to stroke as much. regardless, don't think i'll be making the switch as I dont play nowhere near...
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    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    US players: Funniest stroke: tied between mike davis and keith mccready best stroke: alex pagulyan international: neijs feljin (sp?) or efren reyes
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    Any exp/review on PUREX??

    Anyone can give me any impressions or reviews regarding this brand of LD cue? i haven't played pool in 3 years, and am just now getting back into it... but i know i'm never gunna be at the point i was where i am going to be heavy gambling or staking/backing... i just need a crappy butt with a...
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    Wtb any butt, any ld shaft ~$150

    haven't played pool in 5 years, finally moved to a place that has 9ft tables so i'm thinking of going and hitting some balls again.. was going to buy the new PUREX LD cues ($129 retail) but before i did i figured i'd see if anyone had any old playing cues gathering dust they would want to part...
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    WTB: any butt, LD shaft under 150.

    just getting back into pool after what seems like a 5 year hiatus. nowhere near as serious as i used to be, was thinking of buying the cheapest new PUREX cue on the market, figured i'd see if anyone on azb had any old cues that are just collecting dust they would like to get rid of...
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    WTB!! Used Predator or LD shaft w/ Butt

    Looking for a used predator, preferably sneaky pete. Shaft doesn't matter much, would prefer 314/314-2. Not trying to spend over $200. Would also be interested in a predator shaft on a decent butt, same with the tiger x shaft, and maybe the newer model OB shafts. Condition of cue doesn't...
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    Wtb:: Used Uni-loc Z-2 For Project Cue

    looking to spend nothing over 150, ideally in the 120 - 130 range. can be in any condition, must provide accurate pic's. thanks!
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    Rofl @ Earl Ipt Challenge Match

    honestly, this is the funniest video i've ever seen. for those of you who haven't seen it, during the pre match earl interview earl says "well i just went from the ob-1, which isnt the shaft for me anymore to a regular playing shaft, i played for a...
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    WTB: Any custom with a 314 preferred.

    I sold my predator to a friend for a good price, which sucks cuz there were some really nice trade offers. So now i am looking for a custom with a 314 for around 300~400 dollars. Please don't send PM's of offers higher than 500 as it just makes me want to spend more money that i cant afford...
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    Predator F/S .. or TRADE or TRADE + CASH

    Hey all. Thought i had a buyer for this cue but it fell through so im putting it up again. It's a red predator sneaky with a z2 shaft. The collar doesn't match, the cue originally came with the 3142 but then i switched it to the z2. There's slight bluing on the shaft from play, and shaft is...
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    Sad day for players in maryland :(

    While these events didn't happen today, i found out two of maryland's few remaining player's poolhalls are closing down. Bluejays, maryland's oldest poolhall, having opened it's doors around 1910 i believe have decided to close down. Barry, the owner apperently just came in one day, and said...
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    Red Point Predator Sneaky For Sale!

    Cue in good condition, no blemishes on shaft, blueing from play. Tip in good shape, 2 slight dents in the butt from playing. Asking 200 OBO, NO LOWBALLERS PLEASE! Must sell cue in 1 week, or it goes through a trade.
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    How does the X-Shaft compare?

    This is directed twards people who shoot with the X-shafts. How is the hit compared to the 314's or Z shafts? Is it soft like the ob-1 or does it have a stiff hit? How's the deflection and cue control? is it easy to draw a ball with it? Thanks in advance.
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    What the ^%#%!@ is going on with Filipino pool??

    Ok, im getting so confused trying to keep up with all the BSCP and BMPAP stuff... could one of our Filipino posters cou ld enlighten me..
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    Question about Fury cues!

    Everyone knows their j/b's perform pretty good but i was wondering about their playing cues, and how they hit. Anyone own a Fury player that can give an honest review on their hit and performance, and what cues that it compares to? Someone told me once that all tips on the cues were...
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    Blackberry Pearl FS/Trade!!!

    Hey all, i switched carriers from AT&T to verizon so i won't be needing my phone any more. Its a black blackberry pearl...
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    Ob1 Uni-loc For Sale

    Ok, so after a friend of mine heard me telling ppl at the poolroom about how good the ob-1 hits, and how i sold my z shaft already he decided to buy one for his lucasi. Well after about a week of playing with it, he decided he hates it and wants me to sell it for him on these fourms. Soo.. i...
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    The OB-1 Review from a B player

    Before I start, i would just like to state that the following is a subjective write-up. I consiter myself a low to mid B level player (able to run out an easy rack, can't string together packages but can beat the ghost race to 5 with BIH after break on a good day) so take what i say with a grain...
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    Why isn't ChrisC (Chance) banned yet?

    He ripped off several members of this fourm, waited a few months for the heat to die down then starts this shit again. I read thru the archery fourms where he's done this to multiple people, and yet he's still on here hawking his 'goods' trying to get someone else. Why haven't the mods...