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    Pete Tonkin Cue

    There's no information here?
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    Sold PFD Paul Drexler

    Bump price drop.
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    Unplayed Schon-Craig Peterson Tribute

    The post is half a decade old. You can private message them and see if they respond.
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    WTB Rick Howard 3/8 x 11 Cue

    You have one posted for sale?
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    Sold PFD Paul Drexler

    Ebony with spalted maple and turqoise inlays in the segmented handle. 19oz Shaft 1 13mm Shaft 2 13mm Straight and like new condition. $1700 Potentially interested in trades. Also have a cog and sneaky Pete Frey available.
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    Sold Cognoscenti ebony

    Cognoscenti with leather wrap Butt - 15.4oz Shaft 1 -3.7oz, 12.7mm (Cog) Shaft 2 - 3.7oz, 12.25mm (Bull Carbon Fiber) all straight without any issues. Plays as expected. Cog pin Tips, are medium but not 100% what brand. Trades possible for similar caliber makers. Also have a frey sneaky and PFD...
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    PFD Spalted Maple and ebony

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    Satin Southwest

    You know it, you love it. 19oz Satin southwest. 58" 13.1mm tip Cue is as close to new as humanly possible. Asking $2700 shipping will be next day anywhere in the US. Partial trades are okay.
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    PFD Spalted Maple and ebony

    Handle is segmented spalted maple with turqoise inlayed into the rings. Ebony forearm and buttsleeve. radial pin 19oz 2 x 13mm shafts one shaft has some play on it but otherwise cue is like new. Asking $1800 including next day shipping anywhere in the USA. Not entirely interested in trades...
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    Fancy sneaky

    Had sent you a pm if any of those were of interest.
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    WTB: Cohen Cue

    I would recommend reaching out to him directly. I have worked with him many times in the past and he has always been accommodating and easy to work with. He may be able to provide a Hebrew signature on the cue as well.
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    WTB Wrapless MW

    Pm sent
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    Looking for 400$ under

    I assure you the threads that are >6 months old and have not been bumped are not currently looking. You are literally just finding dead threads to sell your cues on, a better strategy might be posting in the for sale section instead of trying to find people who stopped searching long ago.
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    Sold SugarTree 1999

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    Lambros Merry Widow

    All do respect was just letting you know was not trying to be a dick.
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    Lambros Merry Widow

    If you haven't read the post above your comment. It sold.
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    Sold Southwest satin

    Not to advertise other makers.. mike benders cues are truly incredible. Tracy's designs are also truly art. I honestly can't believe some of the things they've put in cues really questions whether I should be framing the cue or shooting with it. Also, 2600 for a southwest.... how the hell has...
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    Sold Southwest satin

    Any interest in trades?
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    Sold Carmelli Sneaky Pete

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    Wtb cue

    There is currently a Jensen available. Are you open to other markets in the same tier?