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  1. RobertaAgnor

    Darren Appleton

    I agree, I know I keep checking for updates on him with everyone. Merry Christmas to you & your wife Jay!
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    When Matchroom purchased the U S Open from the Behrman family

    Absolutely they had every right to cash out & not carry on. I knew better than some the issues went on, every family has complications. My opinion is the way Pat found should have been handled WAY differently. I wish the Open nothing but success. I will continue to support Pat & his...
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    When Matchroom purchased the U S Open from the Behrman family

    This right here is what I was going to say. Not to mention, as BB told me a few times, he didn't want to sell to Matchroom/Hearn because he didn't want it to leave here. After the 40th, his plan was to "retire" from the Open & Pat was going to run it. Pat was so much more gracious about the...
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    AZB now owns accu stats

    I'm a little late but congratulations Mike!
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    I'll see you there! Looks like a great field of players for all the events.
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    Missing Members where did they go❓

    I'm hardly ever on here anymore but do pop in occasionally. Hope everyone's doing well! Anyone planning to come to Pat's tournament next month in Norfolk?
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    Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications

    I was so sad to see this last week, Ronny was a great guy. I always looked forward to seeing him & TK every year, he will definitely be missed along with all the others we've lost. 😢
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    Been a Long Time Since I've Been on here.......

    Thank you, it's good to be back & catching up.
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    Been a Long Time Since I've Been on here.......

    I do, it's a custom made from purple heart wood & I don't play as often as I'd like but we do have an 8 footer at home. Hope you've been doing well!
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    Been a Long Time Since I've Been on here.......

    I haven't really been on much lately & not sure who all is still on here that I know. It's been a crazy few years. My daughter, Ashley, that some of you know is now 28, married, & has a 2 year old daughter. I got married for the first time about 2 1/2 years ago. Hi to everyone & I hope you all...
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    Can anyone help identify these sticks?

    A friend of mine picked up these sticks & I was wondering if anyone could help identify them. Just curious more than anything.
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    Gabriel 5x10 3-Cushion Table

    For sale: Gabriel 5x10 3-cushion table bought new 5 years ago but now it's time to replace for a new Diamond 5x10 pool table. Mint condition, located at Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA. $6,000.00 picked up not delivered, call Barry at 757-499-8958.
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    U.S. Open 9-Ball Poll

    Barry asked me to post this: First off, I would like to apologize once again about the delay in payments which will be taken care of by this coming Monday afternoon as it's set up to be wired. Now, I need some input from people. This year's Open is currently scheduled to end on Saturday...
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    Barry Behrman's Response to Rumors about the Open

    Barry asked me to post his response in his own words to the rumors about this being the last year for the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships & here it is. Rumors, Last Year for the U.S. Open By Barry Behrman Allow me to personally respond by not using harsh words. Whoever was the fool who...
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    Schedule of all the happenings before & during the Open!

    There's going to be some great stuff going on! Here's the info on the amateur events happening before & during the Open: October 10th-12th will be the BCAPL Virginia Beach Regional Championships* with $2,000 added. The schedule is as follows: Friday Oct. 10th - 7:00 PM 9 Ball (Race to 3/3)...
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    U.S. Open Player List Growing Daily!

    Updated List, it's growing every day! 1. Shane Van Boening - USA 2. Earl Strickland - USA 3. Efren Reyes - Philippines 4. Johnny Archer - USA 5. Francisco Bustamante - Philipines 6. Mika Immonen - Finland 7. Darren Appleton - England 8. Jose Parica - Philippines 9. Dennis Orcullo - Philippines...
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    Great Interview with Keith McCready!

    Loved reading this interview with Keith, he's got some great stories!
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    Some Special Matches The Weekend before the Open

    Excitement coming at the U.S. Open 9 Ball Tournament. Thursday October 9th - To Be Announced Friday October 10th - Efren Reyes v/s Earl Strickland Saturday October 11th - A ring game featuring the past 3 back to back U.S. Open champions; Mika Immonen, Darren "Dynamite" Appleton, & Shane...
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    U.S. Open Sponsorship/Vendor Info

    U.S. Open 9 Ball Sponsorship Opportunities Now that we have finalized entry fees and more, here are our sponsorship proposals. TITLE SPONSOR: Accustats Video Productions produces the televised portion of the U.S. Open in which I, Barry Behrman, am allowed to obtain title sponsorship, arena...
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    Barry took everyone's suggestions into consideration.......

    After talking this over with me & several of his friends that he turns to for advice, we have decided the good certainly outweighs the negatives; such as: 1. One ballroom 2. One day less 3. Matches still as posted prior 4. No 11 pm or midnight matches 5. Lower entry for all 6. $74,000.00 added...