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  1. 3andstop

    Pool rooms at Lake George NY

    Hi guys, any rooms to play at lake george ny? Thx
  2. 3andstop

    Billiards in myrtle beach sc

    Hi all. Im visiting myrtle beach for 5 days in late july any good billiard rooms in the area with 9' tables? Seems like lots of 7 footers
  3. 3andstop

    Lowell Mass pool rooms

    Hi all. I'm going to be up in the Lowell Mass area, staying in Andover Sheriden I believe on Minuteman rd. Any good pool rooms to knock them around for a few hours not too far from there? Thx
  4. 3andstop

    Is stream down?

    Is the stream down at dcc?
  5. 3andstop

    Durometer to check tip hardness

    Anyone interested, I have a durometer. I bought it and used it to check two tips ... never used it again. I'll sell it for 25 dollars and that includes the shipping in USA. Comes with padded case also.
  6. 3andstop

    2017 us open straight pool

    I understand the us open straight pool will be returning to CT Windsor Locks, but does anyone know if the us open one pocket will also be there at the same time? And, is there any word on qualifiers for either of these? thanks ...
  7. 3andstop

    They decided illegal break sounds criminal

    They just said it on the US Open stream. Interesting. Wonder when the citizens of the USA will consider illegal aliens criminal? :shrug:
  8. 3andstop

    DCC One Pocket

    Great to watch! Year after year I wonder why they dont mark the table with soapstone or Taylor's chalk. :shrug:
  9. 3andstop

    Ball Polisher

    Thought I'd mention this again since it's been quite a while, just in case some readers haven't seen it. Anybody can have a ball polisher for next to nothing, both in effort and expense. Just add a piece of scrap carpet and liquid nails to this picture and its done. Maybe 10 minutes to make...
  10. 3andstop

    Very interesting ...

    LMAO ... this is the same cue I play with. I had to do some taper work to the shafts, and change the tips ... but it plays great. Same cue ... but .... umm ... I paid 79 dollars for it new ... with two shafts and joint protectors and free shipping. Who knew it would appreciate in value...
  11. 3andstop

    Largest pool product companies

    I've been out of the loop for years regarding which companies are the largest manufacturers of pool accessory products. I would like to ask those more involved two questions based on a supposition. Suppose as you sat back relaxing, in the golden years of your life, forgetting your name...
  12. 3andstop

    Songs that make you think about pool

    I don't know if this was done before, but I thought this might be interesting to fool around with. What songs make you think about pool. It would be nice to put a playlist of songs together and play it while playing pool. While songs with pool mention or pool connotations in the lyrics are...
  13. 3andstop

    Measuring one's skill level

    I came across this little chart in a book I had buried in the corner of my room today and I thought some may find it interesting. The book, btw, was A Mind For Pool by Capelle. Now I'm old school, so much so that I don't really even enjoy 9 ball. So, it makes me cringe when I read about...
  14. 3andstop

    Lee Brett Video

    I happened across a video on youtube, I'm sure all you guys have seen it a million times, but never the less, in seeing it I had a question. At about 7:30 into the video he talks about what happens if you don't stroke completely through the shot. It comes up short. This is absolutely true...
  15. 3andstop

    Gallery Billiards, Newburgh NY

    Think I'm going to be staying in Newburgh Sat. 6-27 Anyone know about this pool room? Nice place to visit / play, or is there something better close to Route 300. thanks,
  16. 3andstop

    common sense related

    I just came from the non pool related forum. A topic there bothered me. You can go there and read the thread about the cop and the uninvited partygoers, but I realize only a very small percentage of our small percentage even browse the other forums. I wanted to share this following video with...
  17. 3andstop

    That's Ridiculous

    Well I read this in another thread and I just couldn't help posting a new thread so I can say what I'm compelled to say without it getting lost in a very long thread. THAT'S RIDICULOUS Before I tell you what ... I'll tell you, forget scientists .. I don't even care if Jesus Christ himself...
  18. 3andstop

    Quck Poll ... what do you look at last CB or OB

    That's the question, I'm curious. Thanks
  19. 3andstop

    Any electricians here?

    I'm putting together something for a homemade lathe and had an idea of wiring something. I could use input from a real electrician who knows if this is ok. I'll show you what I'm thinking of ... In this drawing, I am attempting to wire a variable speed rheostat to a drill which is used to...
  20. 3andstop

    Layered Medium Pigskin tips 4.00

    Ok guys, so here's the deal. I have some layered pigskin tips that I love. They are 14mm. Hardness is rated at medium. I can't speak for if you will like them, I'm not manufacturing them so what they are is what they are. I love these things, you may also, but ... you may not. If you...