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  1. jkan101

    2222 cases Vicent’s 4x8 hard case

    Another beast Dinko....beautiful.
  2. jkan101

    2222 cases Joe’s hard leather case

    Yes this is my case very happy with is a beast but thats what I wanted,would not hesitate to have dinko make me another.....only this time I would spring for some better shipping...took 52 days from Croatia....certainly not Dinkos fault
  3. jkan101

    Newly completed two Merry Widows~😄😄😄

    beautiful inlay work...simple yet profound
  4. jkan101

    Art Deco light Vigus cue.

    nice..very creative
  5. jkan101

    Ca finish

    use the search button.......more than i would care to count blurbs on ca finishes discussing good vs evil
  6. jkan101

    Beautiful Esoteric 12 Point, Eclectic Design!

    Never stopped you.......I.E.....Ask the cuemaker.....
  7. jkan101

    Walnut BURL -PRO stabilized (Sets and Pieces)

    professionally stabilized as opposed to a do it yourselfer.
  8. jkan101

    white Dimond tips who has them

    Try White Diamond tips
  9. jkan101

    Lathe Motor

    Todd at Midamerican pool has 3/4 horse available....
  10. jkan101

    Milk Dud Tips

    Bought some from of the better if not best tips....Ty
  11. jkan101

    Solarez question

    I see they have come out with a lacquer like product that is spray able anyone try for cues ? and what do you think? If your not using the lacquer what are you guys using now? Thanks
  12. jkan101

    Burls / Flame / Quilted

    Nice stuff!
  13. jkan101

    Fancy Rings got any?

    Beautiful stuff very creative
  14. jkan101

    UltraSkin MIX OR MATCH

  15. jkan101

    New Years GWP - Long Quilted w/ extras

    Nice looking piece.
  16. jkan101

    Ink for signing cues

    Why dont you talk to Todd about making some custom water slide signature decals for your cues, save you some time and aggravation. Check out his website.
  17. jkan101

    Wider Billets - Specs in Pics

    nice walnut!
  18. jkan101

    gun drill

    Coreing Drill for sale...$115.00 shipped conus...was just sharpened about 6 months ago by me Could not get picture to post if interested pm me...… .75 x18 OAL....1/2 Side air driver was just sharpened by Sterling about 6 months ago...
  19. jkan101

    3 pcs of Brazilian Kingwood squares

    The rosewood first piece---kingwood 3 pieces[/ATTACH]