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    Poison cue weight bolt...

    Does anybody know what thread is poison weight bolt and where can I buy them? thanks in advance.....
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    No thank you.

    No thank you.
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    Yes it's available still.

    Yes it's available still.
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    Cynergy with united joint!!!LTS/LTT

    Want to sell for 315 shipped cynergy 12.5mm with united joint 5/16-14 ...or trade for revo 12.9mm with no wvp.
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    Cynergy ferrule replacement...

    My Cuetec Cynergy ferrule is crack and I'm planning to replace it. Does anybody know where to find it? thanks.
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    Extension Kit.....

    I am looking to buy for R6 cue extension kit because Prather is out of stock...Pls let me know tahnks...
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    Looking for fiber glass tube...

    I am looking to buy a fiberglass 1.25 round for my cue extension project. Anybody knows where I can find them??? thanks in advance....
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    Tulipwood handle.

    Im looking for a tulipwood for a handle maybe 12 inch square anybody you can recommend for a nice quality to buy ? thanks in advance...
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    Epoxy question???

    Hello guys, I bought a radial CF shaft and I am going to put a 5/16 14 insert ... can I use a west system epoxy ? its 105 and 207 to be exact.. thank you for the response....
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    extension kit.

    Does anybody know the person that makes the extension kit, I think he is from new york. I lost his phone number. I saw him at the expo last year. I just need his phone number . thank you...
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    Want to trade my Radial Cynergy CF shaft....

    I have a cuetec cynergy CF shaft with a radial joint brand new and wants to trade it for a 5/16-14 cynergy . Pls pm me if u have one.... thanks....
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    Radial TAP..

    where can I buy radial TAP?
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    LTB african blackwood!

    Im looking to buy an AFRICAN BLACKWOOD that is round and hollow or core but no plug... I am using it for my forearm sleeve and butt sleeve. 12.75inches for FA and 5 inches for the butt sleeve that will me room to work. Im looking for nice quality of you have....Thanks in advance... Just pm...
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    Hard rock maple.

    Looking to buy a hard rock maple 1.25 x 30 inches dowel thats dry and ready to be cut for my next cue project .. pls. pm . thanks.
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    Want to trade my Tascarella to black boar plane jane .

    Looking to trade my high end Tascarella for plane jane black boar african blackwood. Pls. text me to 302 2967867 for pictures. Im having problem posting pictures.
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    MEZZ 2 inch extension!

    Good morning, I'm planning to put a MEZZ 2 inch extension on my custom cue and just want to ask if what is the tread ? the drill size ? and tap size ? do i need for this little project. Thanks in advance!
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    BD cue!!!

    For sale BD cue is SOLD 12.75mm and 19.4 oz.... 20181103_121247.jpg
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    LTT Hybrid to 314 3

    Im looking to trade my jacoby hybrid edge 30 inches 5/16 14 for 314 3 predator 3/8 10 . Pls. pm if your interested.
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    Shafts for sale...

    WTS 5/16 14 shaft...hybrid edge 12.75 mm $175. Jacoby maple shaft 12.75 with zan tip $175 and Ben Greene maple shaft.13mm with triangle tip $120 all shipped... pls. Pm for more details....all in great conditions...