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  1. SirFitzalot

    FS: preflag chalk

    I have almost 5 full gross of preflag. 3 full blue. 1 gross of blue is missing 6 cubes 1 gross of green is missing 7 cubes. Need cash only and fast cash. Looking to get $130 shipped. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. SirFitzalot

    FS: Pre-flag Masters Chalk

    I have a rather large amount of pre-flag chalk. I'm currently 8 cubes short of having 4 full gross of blue. I also have about 6 dozen green cubes. I am not looking for trades at the moment. Each blue gross $70 shipped I'll sell the one missing 8 cubes for $65 shipped 6 dozen green cubes $40...
  3. SirFitzalot

    Klapp Butterfly Set :(

    It's a sad day for me but due to some unfortunate issues, I need to sell my Klapp Butterfly set. This set truly is amazing and I really wish I could keep it. All 3 of these are full splice. The top wood is Curly Bubinga and the bottom is a really rare inflamed fiery Cocobolo. They are all...
  4. SirFitzalot

    FS: Klapp Conversions

    Here I have 3 freshly finished Steve Klapp conversions. They haven't been chalked and haven't had a ball struck with them yet. The 2 sneakies were converted from early Tru Balances and the other is a Titlist. The shafts themselves are old growth recycled Tru Balance shafts. I had 3 old Tru...
  5. SirFitzalot

    FS: Chandivert Crown Tips 14mm

    These tips aren't even being made anymore so they are somewhat rare. The fact that these are 14mm as opposed to 13 or smaller makes these even more rare. Let's set these the $16 apiece shipped or 3 for $42. I have 8 currently so if you want all 8 then I'll do $105 shipped. Please shoot me...
  6. SirFitzalot

    FS: Klapp Shafts

    I have 3 recycled Tru Balance shafts being finished up by Steve. They aren't down to final specs. If interested just tell me what final specs you want. I.e. diameter, pin, tip, ferrule material and thickness, joint size...etc etc $150 shipped. Shoot me a PM to discuss these. Not really...
  7. SirFitzalot

    Preflag, Crowns and a camera

    Also now gonna put a link up for my other ad as well. SOLD SOLDI have 2 Dozen cubes of blue preflag masters chalk. I will gladly sell for $40 shipped. I'm looking to obtain some chandivert crown tips. I have a 35mm digital SONY Alpha...
  8. SirFitzalot

    LTB: Crown Tips

    I'm in the market for some crown tips. PM me with what you got! Thanks!
  9. SirFitzalot

    FS: 2 Dozen cubes of preflag

    Just like the title says. 2 Dozen cubes of preflag. The good primo stuff. Can add pics later. Fast sale $50 shipped.
  10. SirFitzalot

    FS: Jacoby Jump Cue

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Love how easy it is to jump with this cue. Only selling it because I have a set being made by Steve Klapp. It's still in great shape. I'm looking to get $85 shipped. Please PM if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
  11. SirFitzalot

    FS: Hyatt Fancy O's

  12. SirFitzalot

    Titlist Snooker Cue?

    I've never seen one until recently on ebay. Any idea as to the rarity of them? I've not found much on Google.
  13. SirFitzalot

    FS: Vintage Clik Chalk

    I have for sale some vintage clik chalk. These cubes are in spectacular condition. I'm selling them at $25 shipped per dozen. I have 1 dozen left for sale. 1 sold pending payment 2 SOLD! "Seek not what you have not earned"
  14. SirFitzalot

    Another CL Find

    I found some pretty cool vintage chalk on Craigslist again. This time I have happened upon 4 dozen cubes of Clik Chalk. I have never used it so I am not sure if I'll keep it or not. I may just toss it up in W/FS. Anyone out there have any input on the quality of this stuff? "Seek not what...
  15. SirFitzalot

    Preflag and some old NTC cubes

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have 99 cubes of preflag and 7 cubes of vintage NTC chalk. I'm selling the preflag by the dozen at $20 shipped. 8 dozen remaining I'll take the last 3 cubes of preflag and combine it with the 7 cubes of NTC and ask for $16 shipped. PM me with any comments or questions...
  16. SirFitzalot

    CL score

    Haven't 100% confirmed but I'm pretty sure I scored almost a full gross of preflag from craigslist. I'll know for sure in about an hour and a half when I get home. Pretty psyched! "Seek not what you have not earned"
  17. SirFitzalot

    FS: Poison AR-2

    Poison AR-2 Black with red points. Selling for a buddy of mine. It weighs just under 19oz I do believe. I plan to weigh it later this evening to be certain. Has a ding in the finish. (Shown in picture below) Aside from that this cue is gorgeous and plays amazingly. The wrap is black...
  18. SirFitzalot

    FS: Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets

    Sold Pending payment I have a dvd set of Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets. Dvds work perfectly. I'll start at $30 shipped. I'm open to trade offers if it's the right item. "Seek not what you have not earned"
  19. SirFitzalot

    FS: Steve Klapp Conversion

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Dark purple heart sneaky pete. Converted from a first gen schmelke. This thing hits sooo solid. It feels just like the hit of a titlist conversion. I've used it for a little under 2 months but it has no dings or scratches. The shaft is a Steve Klapp 140 year old growth shaft...
  20. SirFitzalot

    Pool wars & Running the Table

    So in a the last few days I've read both of these books and wow! They are a fantastic read and it really makes me wish I'd grown up in the days before the internet. It truly gets the pool player in me fired up. I've finally started trying to make myself a better pool player by putting something...