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  1. hunger strike

    Billiard Chalk collecors' thread....let's trade!

    Pm me if you have any duplicate pieces to trade
  2. hunger strike

    FS: Vintage 1960's-70's Triangle GREEN Kieckhefer Chalk Available

    Is there any of this still available?
  3. hunger strike

    got any old chalk to trade?

    got any old chalk to trade?
  4. hunger strike

    Charles C. Peterson's challenge

    Billiards Magazine had an article in the '20s or early '30s showing a photo of a pair of scissors. They were engraved with Charlie Peterson's slogan: "Show me a billiard shot I can't make" - and the article explained why. Peterson had sent pairs of these engraved scissors to major newspapers and...
  5. hunger strike

    Cue Tip dealer in Virginia Beach - anyone know him?

    There was a business in a tiny office around the corner from Q Master, The man sold almost exclusively cue tips and very few other items. He had an incredible array of tips. I went in there to get tips. The guy sold mostly mail order on Ebay, etc. I would like to get in touch with him if...
  6. hunger strike

    what is the oldest 8 ball (or pool ball) you've seen?

    Found this on ebay. Wondering if anyone has any 8 balls as old as this looks....
  7. hunger strike

    Bentwood "BBC Royal" ball rack

    Almost done! Already spoken for. Thought AZers would like seeing it.
  8. hunger strike

    Bentwood "BBC Royal" ball rack

    Almost done! Already spoken for. Thought AZers would like seeing it.
  9. hunger strike

    wtb or wtt old interesting chalk pieces

    Anything you have may be interesting.....
  10. hunger strike

    Cue tip box collecting - Manwon out there?

    Here are some cue tip boxes for sale or trade. I know Craig Rittel was collecting them but no word from him, are you out there Craig?
  11. hunger strike

    Know a pool table mechanic in Kansas City?

    Does anyone know a good table mechanic in KCMO? I had heard good things about one, but the man who recommended didn't remember a name... he said the mechanic covered the tables at Shooters, or at Breakers, the place that is gone now. Thanks
  12. hunger strike

    Endorsing KD cues, hit one at SBE like I did!

    I am endorsing KD cues over any other cue now for overall value, customer service, and especially the hit. Shuff plays with one, and now so do I... and now I am having Kent Davis make me a custom order high end work of art. Go see why with my 26 years of playing experience I fully endorse. I can...
  13. hunger strike

    How many AZ'ers own a Brunswick ROYAL?

    Looking for how many of you guys own a Brunswick-Balke-Collender Royal table..... with inlays like this:
  14. hunger strike

    T-rail bolt system conversion per Mr. Long

    "Mr. Billiard," the gentleman who owned Long's Billiards in VA years ago (I am told he is retired and the son owns Long's now), told me at a trade show that he converted T-rail tables to the better playing modern style rail bolt system with new bolts coming from below rather than the side of the...
  15. hunger strike

    cluster innings?

    I had an idea while playing against a friend who I had played and beaten in various pocket games all day. We were going to play 3C, but he only wanted to play to 10! I suggested playing 3 shots per inning and tallying whatever points were accumulated, because he should not beat me at 3C but...
  16. hunger strike

    Old Brunswick T-rails wanted......

    Let me know if you have spare old T-rails that you don't need. I am going to use them for a project in my billiard room...
  17. hunger strike

    Billiard Chalk collecors' thread....let's trade!

    I collect billiard chalks from around the world, mostly very old chalk. I had heard that there are a lot of Japanese chalk collectors, but I don't know how to find them now that Ebay has blocked usernames. Most of the American collectors trade with each other, which is the best way to increase...
  18. hunger strike

    Russian billiard ball set on ebay, thousand$

    This set is for sale on ebay. I have the exact same set. These are not ivory, bone, or any other natural material. They are cheap plastic from Soviet era Russia, and they have cracks because they are a cheap plastic. They are not engraved or scrimshawed numbers; the numbers were stamped in with...
  19. hunger strike

    Any Pool Ball Collectors on AZ? Let's trade!

    I collect antique pool ball sets. Almost all my sets are pre-WWII (not phenolic or plastic.) I know many of the pool ball collectors, but there are many on ebay buying that don't know about our group. If you know a pool ball collector or a billiard antique collector who collects balls, please...