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  1. DJKeys

    What order to shoot the stripes with ball in hand?

    This is my pattern as well -dj
  2. DJKeys

    Kielwood Shaft

    I ordered a Hsunami shaft last year, and specified the weight at 3.9. It came in at 3.91. -dj
  3. DJKeys

    Championship Vs. Simonis

    I had the Championship 30/30 installed last September, and it was really slidey for a couple of months. Was normal after that. I have the same experience, the 30/30 cloth is faster and does wear better than the Simonis 860 which came on the table when shipped. -dj
  4. DJKeys

    May "Caption This" contest

    "Now I can get a good night's sleep!"
  5. DJKeys

    When playing/practicing with a lower skilled player - Do you change your strategy?

    In competition, I never do. Anyone can win a game of 8 ball, much too easy to lose if you don't play your best game always. In practice, sure, it's fun to mess around. -dj
  6. DJKeys

    Pool Room Customers That Return Tray of Pool Balls in Sequence - Why?

    I have never seen anyone do this in my life- -dj
  7. DJKeys

    Scott Frost's opinion about Predator tables

    You have to lift the slate to adjust the rail bolts?!?! That is insane-
  8. DJKeys

    $30 for a piece of chalk...What's your favorite chalk to use?

    I bought V10 for home use Feb 2, 2022. It is over a year old and is barely used. Worth every penny, plus, cleanest chalk ever! -dj
  9. DJKeys

    south west with a maple forearm and butt is a bad choice?

    I have owned a couple and hit with many SW cues. The hit was pretty much different in all cases. Some were stiff, some were very soft, some in between. As Bob noted, the shaft, ferrule, and tip have much more to do with the hit than the type of wood in the butt. -dj
  10. DJKeys

    Why running English for multiple rails kicks?

    Most times I use no english on kick shots. I only use it when I have to widen or shorten the angle of the return off the rail- -dj
  11. DJKeys

    Really not a fan of Predator "Arcrapia" equipment...

    I played on one of the 7 footers at the Tournament site at the Rio for 90 minutes and it played fine, although the cloth was slow in my opinion. I don't like the looks much, and think they are overpriced. -dj
  12. DJKeys

    Las Vegas Open 10-ball

    I practiced on one of the 7 foot tables yesterday, and this is the case. The rails rebounded quickly, but the cloth was slow but didn't seem too worn. -dj
  13. DJKeys

    Earl runs 130 with in-play commentary

    He is just such a good player, Rhythm, speed, control, pleasure to watch. 14.1 is such a great game- -dj
  14. DJKeys

    old jackie gleason pool show

    Love Gleason, stands up today- -dj
  15. DJKeys

    Table light advice

    You can't go wrong with a Littman light. I bought one with no logo (table doesn't have one either). There are no shadows, and the light is high enough to not get in the way, plus the design diffuses the light if you look at it directly. Way better than a Diamond light in my opinion, plus it...
  16. DJKeys

    2023 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Moved this to the proper thread- -dj
  17. DJKeys

    2022 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Ran a personal high 63 today, got a few lucky rolls for sure with balls that went from the pack after the break, and then missed a dead simple position on 63, left with a Kick/combination and a bank. Shot the bank and missed it. Then shot the table length kick/combo and made it. Oh, well- -dj
  18. DJKeys

    2023 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    The highlight of my NJ pool life was the day that Mosconi gave an exhibition at Rutgers in New Brunswick. He ran 187. That night, around midnight, he met Mizerak at a pool hall downtown in the private room in the basement. Mizerak beat Willie, and Willie complained about the table the whole...
  19. DJKeys

    Arimath “Black Measel” cue ball

    Me too, I don't even have a break cue. One cue, extra shaft and chalk. -dj
  20. DJKeys

    2023 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Ran 36 today- -dj