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  1. berko

    1920s Unrestored Brunswick arcade 9' table

    Posting this grand table on behalf of my local shop. The table is from a local home that had this table since original purchase. Comes with a bunch of extras as seen below. Please call Dan Dean at 970.419.0937 for inquiries.
  2. berko

    I hate to say it, but...

    I know I'll get a ration of crap for saying so, but this subforum has really gone downhill since RKC was banned. Love him or hate him, there was a lot more useful info in here when he was around. Flame away.
  3. berko

    Easy DIY portable cue rest

    Figured out a easy solution for a portable cue rest. (Obviously, if necessary you can also orient the clamp vertically and place the cue between the ears.) cheap easy and functional.
  4. berko

    Pool and billiards seems to be doing well in Seoul

    Visiting Seoul with the family. Seems to be a billiards and/or pool joint every 3 blocks. Pretty cool.
  5. berko

    Teaching children to play the game

    I got an 8 yr old boy who likes to sit and play video games. I have been trying to get him to play pool with me, but he hasn't really seemed interested. So, being the excellent parent I am, I told him last week that if he wants to keep playing his video games he has to learn how to play...
  6. berko

    Single best practice drill?

    Of course I know that there is no such thing but I have reached the point in my pool career where getting on my table and playing is yielding diminishing returns in my improvement. Im a C- player, and while my non pool playing friends think Im great at the game, I know how far I am from being...
  7. berko

    What are the factors that make rails play long or short?

    Went and played on a Golden West that a friend just acquired in a house sale (i.e. last owner left it there). Could not even get close to making a bank shot -- everything banked way long. Everything; wide and shallow angles, hard and soft shots all went long. So what makes this happen? Rail...
  8. berko

    Heart warming thread from cue review forum

    In case you missed this gem: Fake Mottey turned into gold
  9. berko

    Best erasable way to mark bed cloth?

    Want to put some lines on my table for practice shots. Definitely do not want lines (or ghostly images of lines) there forever. What is the best way to do this and then remove said lines? Edit: 860hr cloth
  10. berko

    Shrink-to-fit cloth

    *Disclaimer* I have not done this and have no plans to do this; this is a theoretical question. Since simonis cloth is mostly wool, if you have cloth that is loose: Could you wet the cloth and dry it with a hair dryer causing it to shrink and fit better?
  11. berko

    How long does it take new cloth to 'relax'?

    Just recovered my table with 860hr saturday. I had the slug doctor rack system on the old cloth and want to reinstall it. I dont want to put the donut stickies on the table now if the cloth is still moving. The question is: How long do I need to wait for the cloth to assume its final stretch...
  12. berko

    My fortune

    I guess I should buy a lathe?
  13. berko

    Transaction warning

    With all the bad juju floating around here regarding transactions lately, I just wanted to relate my recent experience. I found a higher end mass-produced cue over in the buy/sell forum. I contacted the seller and arranged on a price and then asked if I could use a personal check rather than...
  14. berko

    New Cue vs. New Shaft

    Casual bar player for years, finally got my own table in Dec '09 and been playing regularly ever since. Finally feel like I am making some good improvement. I bought a viking G31 6 months ago and really like the way it hits and feels in my hand, but am wondering if a cue upgrade will help me...