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  1. red stevens

    Prather-Sowder full splice player

    I just picked up my new player. Greg Sowder of Sharkshooter Billiards in Vancouver Washington converted a Bocote/Maple fullsplice veneered Prather blank for me into a Willie Hoppe Pro tribute cue like my Grandfathers original which my Brother has. Greg did and outstanding job! I highly...
  2. red stevens

    turning down LD shafts?

    I like 12.2 + mm tips on my cues and no manufacturer makes them that size( I take that back- Jacoby Edge Hybrid can be had in this size). I noticed one of the supply houses offers to turn down Lucasi Hybrid Slim shafts from the factory 11.75 to several smaller sizes with the smallest being...
  3. red stevens

    Cast Iron lathe bed to mount taig bed

    Has anyone thought about or tried to use an old flat steel or cast iron lathe bed like this one: or a more common Delta or other make to mount a...
  4. red stevens

    JD Custom Cues joint diameter

    I recently bought a JD custom cue that is beautiful and plays great. I intended to have a LD 30" shaft fitted to the butt but discovered that the joint measures .891 and no one seems to make a LD shaft that large. Most are in the .840 range which leaves a .025 lip at the joint. The Lucasi...
  5. red stevens

    1988-1990 cue catalogs-brochures

    I just finished cleaning out some old boxes after a downsizing move and discovered a bunch of cue catalogs- brochures that I had kept. These are : 1988 Huebler McDermott Viking Anderson Porpers 1990 Joss Tim Scruggs Keith Kustom Kues Benson Adam Helmstetter Balabuska AAA Billiards -Schon...
  6. red stevens

    Homemade leather and wood case

    Since I do not know how to post photos directly to this thread I am providing a link to my Photobucket pool album. In it you will find the case I made from Cocobola, Ebony, and tiger maple with a leather cover I use to protect it. I made this 20 years ago and use it for my Perry Weston cue...