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  1. JesPiddlin

    Pool Hall Armed Robbery in Shreveport, LA

    Can't allow thugs to get away with this stuff!!
  2. JesPiddlin

    Statement from Crown Cues

    Hi everyone! For anyone who doesn't know who I am... I am the wife of Crown Cues. I am usually the "voice" of Crown Cues, also. :wink: We have missed all of you over the past year. A lot has been happening with us that was way beyond our control and we are finally free to fill you in on...
  3. JesPiddlin

    Tim "The Dragon" Chin is in Oklahoma...

    Hey, all you Okies! Grab your mom for a special night out and stop by the Q-Spot in Tulsa tonight around 7 pm and watch Tim "The Dragon" Chin do a few trick shots for us. For those who aren't local, we may get to put it online at for you to watch. See...
  4. JesPiddlin

    Super Billiards Expo - Valley Forge, PA - Who's Going?

    Who's going, this year?
  5. JesPiddlin

    Happy Birthday, jimmy-leggs !!

    Hey jimmy-leggs -- Wishing you a very happy birthday!! Hope you have many more!!
  6. JesPiddlin

    New Weekly OPEN 8 Ball Tournament in Tulsa, OK

    Q-Spot has added a new tournament to the schedule and changed the old ones, slightly. The OPEN 8 Ball Tournament will be on Thursdays for all skill levels... Sign-ups at 6:30 pm and matches begin at 7:00 pm. (Central times) The first Open Tournament will be this coming Thursday, January 6th...
  7. JesPiddlin

    Q-Spot Family Billiards 9 Ball Tournament online tonight

    We're online. Getting ready to play the last matches of the evening...
  8. JesPiddlin

    Stuck at home on New Year's Eve?

    If you're gonna be stuck at home, tonight, tune your computer to We're gonna be live by about 8:30 or 9:00 pm! (Central time) If enough folks show up for an 8 ball tournament, we'll be streaming the tournament. If not, we'll try to have some good games...
  9. JesPiddlin

    Live Stream in Tulsa, OK (right now)

    Hey, you guys!! We're down at the Q-Spot, just enjoying the holiday weekend. We had something like 12 players, maybe more at the beginning of tonight's tournament. Nuttin' fancy... just a bunch of good ol' boys playin' some pool.... weekly 9 ball tournament... call the 9 players are...
  10. JesPiddlin

    Who is going to Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup IV - Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO??

    Who is going to Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup IV - - Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO On December 2, 3, 4, and 5? Gene (Crown Cues) and I are planning to be there. We were hoping to bring at least one or two of the locals with us, but last minute issues came up -- like not being able to take...
  11. JesPiddlin

    Weekly Saturday Night 9 Ball Tournament Online

    online, now! Q-Spot Family Billiards in Tulsa, OK
  12. JesPiddlin

    Bored... Nothing to do...

    If you're sitting around bored, with nothing to do tonight, stop in and watch our local 9 Ball Tournament at Q-Spot Family Billiards in Tulsa, OK. Not in the Tulsa area? No problem!! Watch the tournament from your computer at home! See you there!
  13. JesPiddlin

    Live!! Tonight!! 9 Ball in Tulsa, OK!!

    C'mon down and watch the fun! Not your pros, here! We're just a bunch of 7 and under pool players having some fun in a weekly 9 ball tournament! Online, NOW!!
  14. JesPiddlin

    No Stream This Week

    There will be no stream this Saturday night (October 16th), down at Q-Spot Family Billiards, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm going to be out of town. We'll bring the stream back at our regular time (9 pm Central Time), next week. See ya then!
  15. JesPiddlin

    FREE Live Stream - Tulsa Q-Spot 9 ball tournament

    Happening right now! Next match will be Kevin playing either Gene or Tony.... Hope to see you there!
  16. JesPiddlin

    Live Stream - Joss Northeast 9Ball Tour Stop #1 - The Maine Event IV We'll be watching some of this over the weekend, since I'm home sick and can't do our regular stream, tonight. See you there!
  17. JesPiddlin

    The Blonde Challenge #2

    Down at Q-Spot Billiards in Tulsa, we're having a great time watching Gene La Viness (of Crown Cues) and Josh Smallwood of Tulsa play a 9 Ball match to 7 ahead. Loser goes blonde for a minimum of 2 weeks!! Score right now is 6-6. Getting one of them 7 games ahead of the other could take a...
  18. JesPiddlin

    ONLINE NOW -Tulsa Q spot 9 Ball Tournament

    Check it out! We're online, tonight. Have had a little trouble keeping a good connection, but we're online. See you there!
  19. JesPiddlin

    Tulsa Q spot 9 Ball Tournament

    We're online, now!
  20. JesPiddlin

    Tulsa Q spot 9 Ball Tournament

    We're having fun on our Saturday night, as always. Come on over and say hi!