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  1. briangip202

    WTB: ob or predator radial thread

    I would like to buy a OB2 or Predator Z shaft preferably with a silver ring but thats not a deal breaker. Would be open to others if they are in nice condition. Thanks, Brian Would like to buy one this week hopefully.
  2. briangip202

    FS: predator precat 314 3/8x10

    I have a very nice precat 314 for sale: Or I would consider trading for a low deflection padial pin shaft. Collar size: .845 black collar 3/8x10 pin size 29" long with a new sniper tip 12.75 tip diameter The shaft rolls straight as an arrow, and is very smooth. PAYMENT PENDING check or money...
  3. briangip202

    FS/FT 60" Mystick Super Sneak

    The specs are as follows: Butt weight= 15.52 oz. Shaft weight= 3.88 oz. Together= 19.40 oz. Shaft diameter= collar .846" tip 12.71 mm Shaft length= 30" Butt diameter= collar .847 handle at the very bottom 1.2" Butt length= 30" The pin is a flat...
  4. briangip202

    Need help identifing a shon ltd.

    I have recently picked up a nice schon ltd. but can't find the model of this particular one. Just curious if maybe someone had older catalogs or knew the cue. Thanks in advance for everyone's help. Brian
  5. briangip202

    Joss 95-8 with 314 shaft $9

    Thanks for the few that did participate, but due to lack of interest the raffle has been canceled.
  6. briangip202

    F/S Joss 95-8 W/ 314

    Sent to the raffle section.
  7. briangip202

    Brunswick cue $7.50 1 spot or $7.00 2 or more

    SOLD locally
  8. briangip202

    FS: Sigel Varner cue with MOP & inlays

    I have a cue made by Sigel Varner before they ventured out on there own. They started out as a joint venture, but it was short run. The cue was made in the late 80's early 90's. So, not many cues were made.This cue has an ostrich embossed leather wrap, four hand milled points, and a lot of...
  9. briangip202

    Live stream of Earls matches

    I hear that Earl Strickland will be in a couple of high stakes battles. One with SVB and a second with Johnny Archer. I was wondering if these two events will be live streamed and if so where, and are they free? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Brian G.
  10. briangip202

    FS: McDermott smoothblade M94D butt only

    I have a flawless McDermott smoothblade model M94D 3/8x10 butt only. The stock shaft was a G-Core and is sold already. So I am let with the butt of the cue. $SOLD$. The weight is adjustable and weighs 15.1 oz. Forearm and sleeve are Mexican bocote, the handle is black, and the rings are brass.
  11. briangip202

    FS: predator pre cat 3/8x10 10 piece shaft

    As the title says i'm selling my 314 pre cat predator shaft 10 piece shaft has slight bluing on it, bought it used but there aren't any dings or dents 3/8x10 joint weight - 3.4oz tip diameter - 12.75mm joint diameter - .848 to .849 inches tip on the cue is a med. moori selling it for...
  12. briangip202

    New 60" cocobolo Mystic Super Sneak $7 per spot

    Off due to lack of interest. Thanks
  13. briangip202

    WTB 30" 3/8x10 314

    I would like to here from anyone that has a 30" 3/8x10 not radial sorry 314 or 313-2. PM me a price shipped. Thanks, Brian
  14. briangip202

    WTB: inexpensive 3/8x10 Butt

    I have a 314 3/8x10 and now I am looking for an inexpensive butt that has to be straight. Preferably a sneaky, but let me know what ya got. And I am looking to buy pretty soon. Thanks, Brian
  15. briangip202

    New McDermott Slingblade M94A $6 per spot

    I have a new McDermott Slingblade cue. The cue is new and unchalked in A1 condition. The shaft is the G-Core shaft with an Everest tip. Specs are as follows: Alright this raffle is full. I need all payments in by Tuesday afternoon. If there are still unpaid spots by 5:00 PM Eastern I will be...
  16. briangip202

    New Dale Perry 1/1

    I have a new Dale Perry with a Brass Radial pin, weight is 18.55 oz. butt weighs 14.5 and shaft is 4.00 oz. The shaft is 12.5 mm with a 14" pro taper. Price is $$ SOLD $$ Shipped CONUS. Thanks, Brian
  17. briangip202

    FS/FT: New Tiger X Ultra Radial shaft

    I have a new Tiger Radial X shaft with a black collar. It is 12.75 mm and 4.3 oz. with a sniper tip. I would like to trade for a 3/8x10 LD shaft. Or I will sell it for $175 Shipped. Thanks Brian
  18. briangip202

    Dale Perry w/ 2 shafts 1 is tiger X ultra $8.50 per spot

    Dale Perry w/ 2 shafts 1 is tiger X ultra $6.50 per spot $12 for 2 We have for raffle a new Dale Perry 1/1 that is one of the nicest cues from him I have seen to date. The description is as follows. Butt: 15.0 oz. Shaft 1: 3.55 oz. 12.50 mm. lepro tip Tiger shaft: 4.30 oz. 12.75 mm. sniper tip...
  19. briangip202

    Meucci $10 per spot

    Meucci $10 per spot 2 for $18 Cue has been traded.
  20. briangip202

    WTB: 60" cue $500 max

    I am looking to see what is available in a 60" cue. Looking for darker colored wood. And have a limit of $500. Let me see whats out there. Thanks, Brian