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  1. icem3n

    SVB Cue ~~ World Cup of Pool 2014

    Just saw USA vs Croatia match. In rack 4, Shane took off the butt sleeve from his playing cue to jump a shot. His cue also seems longer. Is Shane using a new cue? Or is his cue modified at the butt sleeve? Thanks.
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    Kamui ~ Step to how to install clear tip.

    Here is the link to the video on how to install Kamui clear tip without lathe.
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    Who post pictures of an aluminum tube case a few years ago?

    I couldn't find the thread in the search engine. I hope you can post it here one more time. Thanks!
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    Best aiming!!

    Check this out!
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    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦★★★★★★ ....................................................
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    MIKE LAMBROS ~ Detail please....

    hi Mike, Please check your PM and Merry Christmas Mike. Thanks, Johnny
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    Color and rings.
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    ~~ Wtb - Huebler One Piece Cue ~~

    Cue must be straight. Prefer to have a macassar ebony butt. Shaft close to 13mm or more. PM me if you have any. Thank you.
  10. icem3n

    Wtb - one piece american made cue.

    Looking for an 'American' made one piece cue. Cue must be straight. Prefer to have a macassar ebony butt. Shaft close to 13mm or more.
  11. icem3n

    Crap Southwest huh!? Let me cut it into half for ya!!

    I do not know if this is a real SW. But here is the video clip. Southwest cut into half using a band-saw.
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    2012 Amway eSpring 9-Ball Open Movie THE NINE BALL REBORN 9

    Enjoy.. :thumbup:
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    Joyren ~ your email is being hijacked again!

    Check your email..
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    South West Cue ~ Ebony with 12 points.

    Ebony on ebony with six high maple points. According to Laurie they have done a few six high pointers in the 80's. Design of this cue was from Laurie and her team. Butt weigh 15.8oz and shaft 3.29oz and 3.40oz. So that is 19.09oz and 19.2oz. I just got this cue a few days ago...
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    test Joe's pict.
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    How heavy was Willie Hoppe's cue?

    Just curious. Hope someone here knows! Tks! :smile:
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    Need CUEMAKER'S opinion!!

    I just received a cue recently. Overall the quality of the cue was quite good except one flaw which annoys me. The joint collar of the butt and the shafts(both) when put together are not flush. I suspect it is the butt. Maybe the pin is not concentric but I'm not sure.The first person I shown...
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    ~~~ New Mezz Deep Impact Pro H Shaft ~~~

    Just sharing the quick released Mezz Deep Impact Pro H shaft!! Please check the details of the shaft on their homepage below.
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