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    What type of glue should I use to install a cork wrap?

    Any good quality contact cement.
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    0.2 mm Butt Joint and shaft diameter difference

    Mark Twain is quoted as saying, "My life has been filled with problems... Most of which never happened!"
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    Anyone ever make tips using THICK leather saturated with Super Glue?

    Yes, I have one on my break cue. It started out as a medium hard single layer tip, then saturated it with very very thin cyno. It works quite well as a break tip.
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    What happened

    No! The ferrule shrank. The wood tenon is the same as it was
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    Hydro dipping BK Rush

    Hydrographics application will not cause any harm to a pool cue but especially if it already has a good finish on it.
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    Looking for a phenolic bumper...

    The bumper in the photo is not phenolic. That is an rubber bumper. Do you want an end cap made of phenolic in that shape?????
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    Cue repair lathe SOLD

    The 4 foot lathe beds from Mid America Pool are hard coat anodized extruded aluminum. They are not bare aluminum.
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    OB cues shut down?

    I apologize, I did not go through the entire thread. But, is OB Closed or not?
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    Signing Cues

    I use waterslide decals exact images of my personal signature.
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    what do you tell a buyer

    It sounds like you have a gut feeling that doing business with this individual will be nothing but problems. If your gut tells you to separate yourself and return the deposit, I would just say believe your gut feelings. They are usually right. JMHO
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    Kamikaze Impact pads

    Well for beginners the impact pads that Kamikaze offers are not leather....
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    is this true?

    I believe that the article may be referring to full splice cues and or One piece house cues. If so then it is absolutely correct.
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    Radial Tap issue (new to repairs)

    Lubricate the hole before tapping and the tap with good quality carnauba wax you should be good to go. I prefer to tap by hand rather than under power for wood especially, but also with inserts... JMPO.
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    F.S. Basic Cue Repair Lathe

    Yes. Please visit my web site for current models and information.
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    I have a few White diamond tip that I can sell. if you need them. $9.00 each

    I have a few White diamond tip that I can sell. if you need them. $9.00 each
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    Taper Shaper and Inlay Machine for sale!!!

    Still waiting on reply!!