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  1. cuejo

    Unique products inlay machine for sale

    I have a like new stand alone inlay machine from unique for sale. I have to count the templates but I have all but a few of the available templates for it. I cut very accurate inlays with this machine. I am only selling it to make room in my very small shop for a new cnc that is coming. I...
  2. cuejo

    Fs Taom jump/break tips

    I recently got a big order of taom tips in from Finland I tried a dozen before making a larger order and feedback has been wonderful. These tips break hard, jump well and look cool. They are available in red, orange, blue, green, yellow, white Something weird is going on with my tapatalk so...
  3. cuejo

    Supplied air?....

    Well, I found some time to get in the shop tonight, Was turning some braz and some coco Even with a mask the dust is starting to irritate me :( Looks like I'm like most and developing allergies :(( Before I have to stop using pretty wood, or quitting altogether I think I should try supplied...
  4. cuejo

    Ferrule tolerances

    I just got this shaft shipped for a new ferrule. Seen tolerances like this on a high end cue before?
  5. cuejo

    Leather wrap template and cutting guide

    Is there any interest in a leather wrap radius template and measuring guide? I had a couple made, haven't figured out what the price would be yet until I know if there is a demand for them. This has the radius and a sliding feature to place in the handle groove to get an accurate measurement...
  6. cuejo

    Pearloid inlay material

    I was searching for a red inlay material and came across pearloid, Seems like guitar guys use it a lot Has anyone here used it on cues?
  7. cuejo

    Schon ferrules

    Does anyone know what schon uses for their ferrules? And if they are proprietary as I think Are they available from anyone?
  8. cuejo

    Wildrose 4.0 handicapped 9 ball in Edmonton.
  9. cuejo

    Magic racks wtb

    Someone had pm'ed me with a price for some magic rack sets. I can't find the pm now :(
  10. cuejo

    Deluxe controller needed

    Anyone have a spare controller kicking around? This is the one I need..... I have an email in to Chris already
  11. cuejo

    Ultra skin

    I'm expecting a sticking order on all hardness of ultra skin tips I have all 8 tips in stock Oinker in soft med and hard Ultra in very soft, soft, med, hard and hard hard Pm or email dmuzza@(shaw). Ca
  12. cuejo

    Cuejos coco and linen

    Coco forearm and buttplate Juma joint G-10 pin
  13. cuejo

    Ever see an A joint broken like this?

    I haven't done anything to the handle yet except remove the wrap. Waiting for my west to set up before I cut down the new plug to tenon size and tap for new connecting screw. Then I'll clean up the handle and blammo, Ready for clean up, maybe refinish, maybe not :)
  14. cuejo

    Ever see an A joint broken like this?

    I had a little time today Here is my progress so far
  15. cuejo

    Ever see an A joint broken like this?

    Going to be fun trying to yank the connecting pin :(
  16. cuejo

    My new spindle

    Wow Got it today! Now to build a holder for it :(
  17. cuejo

    How about a non-gloss matte finish

    This is one I've got waiting for a shaft. It used to be a full splice one piece snooker cue. Now it is a snooker handle :) It was finished typically, but only polished lightly. Customer likes it so it is now a matte finish
  18. cuejo

    My cue design

    Thuya can be sweet too! Not quite the same as redwood burl though
  19. cuejo

    Cuejos ebony jump cue with turquoise and Juma inlays

    Here is a Jump cue I made to match a predator ikon turquoise cue. Turned out very nice Customer is happy, and this was the first cue finished with my new uv finish.