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  1. dr2112

    Ran into a fellow Azer over the weekend, "Foolio".

    I went into a local dive bar with a friend of mine after the Superbowl on Sunday and ran into a fellow aZer, “Foolio”. He was gambling smaller stakes on one of the tables. I got some small railbird action on him on the side. A few sets later his opponent wanted to double the stakes which he did...
  2. dr2112

    AZB's "JohnnyShakes" Completes MBA degree

    A very Special congratulations to my great friend John Schultz, aka "Johnnyshakes" who successfully completed his MBA yesterday. He did this while working full time and supporting himself. Johnny has been very dedicated and made a lot of sacrifices in this outstanding accomplishment. Johnny is...
  3. dr2112

    Seeking Orange County, CA pool players New BCAPL league

    Our first BCAPL season is almost over. We are seeking new players for our new season starting on Wednesday January 12th at Bigshot’s in Lake Forest. The payouts are great and every player with 8 nights of league play will be eligible to compete in the BCAPL National Championships in May...
  4. dr2112

    New BCAPL League in Orange County CA. Not to late to join the fun

    Players wanted!! Fun, yet competitive Wednesday night, In-house BCA pool league at Big Shots in Lake Forest. This is your chance to get in on the first season. Come on down and meet new pool playing friends. We have several fellow aZers in the league. Last week was our first night and everyone...
  5. dr2112

    Great meeting another AZer tonight..

    Met up with another AZer tonight "maidenfreak" great guy, great player and an has an UNBELIEVEABLE cue collection. 5 minutes into the game I am shooting wih a Richard Black it was crazy. I have often wondered how many people online exagerate there cues or cue collections. I saw a small...
  6. dr2112

    Seeking Orange County, CA pool players

    We are forming a new "in-house league" Wednesday nights 7:30 starting September 8th at BIG SHOTS. They have 13 newly recovered Olhausen tables. Our goal is to have the league sanctioned by the BCA by the fourth week. for more information contact PM me or email
  7. dr2112

    Upsidedown Felt Story

    Back in 2005 I bought a Brunswick "Metro" with Centennial cloth. In 2008 I moved back to California, In the process of moving the table I was going to get new felt but as an experiment I decided to throw the cloth in the washing machine :eek:(nothing to lose since I was going to buy a new one)...
  8. dr2112

    Southwest Challenge, any other AZ'ers going?

    Any other AZ'ers going to the Southwest Challenge this weekend at the Riv? I wiil be there with my Wife and friend form my team. Skills 7,5,3. It would be fun to meet some others from here. Darin
  9. dr2112

    Kudo's to Amy Beck and Inside Pool Magazine

    In May I subscribed to Inside Pool Magazine at the BCA. I had not received any magazines as of yet. On Monday I contacted them via Email. They promptly responded and the problem was resolved. I received my first issue yesterday a 3 day turn around I was impressed. :thumbup: :eek:Oh and most...
  10. dr2112

    Who won the NCS Qualifers at Danny K's over the weekend?

    unfortunately I was out of town and had to miss it