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    OB Fusion 4 carbon insert shaft

    Check your pm.
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    Stack leather...

    I will take it. Please pm zelle information. Thanks.
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    Trade Revo Uniloc 12.4 WVP for 11.8

    I have Cynergy 11.8 if that work. LMK
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    Acrylic tip pads and trim rings ...

    Please check your PM. Thanks
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    Cue repair lathe SOLD

    Sold. PM your PP address please. Thanks.
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    Isoplast Ferrules

    I'll take 10. Payment method?
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    SOLD - kamui, G2, Precision, Zan, predator, Outsville

    I will take all of the G2 and Kamui. PM with your PP address pls. Thanks.
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    Predator 2K5 level 4

    Selling this cue for a friend.....model 2K4 level 4 brown stained bird-eye maple forearm with double silver rings above wrap, four ebony points with notched diamond-shaped inlay in the center of each point, ebony butt sleeve with eight notched diamond shaped inlay between double silver rings at...
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    Viking insert

    I have a couple of request of shafts for Viking cue but do not know where I can obtain the proper insert for their semi-quick release pin. If anyone know and would share the info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Frank.
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    FS: MG Orange Crush break cue

    A like new condition Orange Crush for 90.00+shipping of your choice. Thanks. Frank.
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    WTB: Brunswick Signature cue

    As the title states, I am looking to purchase one or more of the Brunswick Signature cue. Please pm price and pic if you have one to sell. Thanks. Frank.
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    Aegis, Juma or Elforyn....

    I am getting ready to order some materials from Atlas and would like some inputs/opinions from your experienced about using Aegis, Juma or Elforyn in placed of Ivory at the joint and butt cap. Would Juma or Elforyn be the closet one to ivory in term of hits/looks? Aegis would have a...
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    Penn State DC motor

    Does anyone have an extra motor laying around? Its currently backorder from Penn State and my current one is making some squeeking noises, I am affraid it may go out on me anytime and I dont have the luxury of owning 2 lathes:angry:. Please pm with prices including shipping to zipcode 89044...
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    5/16-14 thread rod

    Does anybody know where to get them in any length from 1-3 ft Alum/Steel/SS/Brass?? HD/Lowes and even McFadden Industrial Hardware does not carry it. Thanks and appreciate any information provided. Frank.
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    Rosewood Dominiak

    60" even split Rosewood forearm, ebony butt sleeve, black w/white spec line wrap, very solid player...........SOLD shipped conus. Butt 16.3oz/30"/0.84/1.26 Shaft 3.70oz/30"/12.3mm Kamui black tip
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    Shipping cue aboard....

    I have an AZ member from Croatia interested on my PinkIvory Carmelli with some ivory diamond inlays only (listed in the For Sale section), not the joint or buttcap or any solid rings......with the current regulation on ivory here I am debating whether to ship it or not??? Has anybody shipped cue...
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    OB break shafts

    3 OB break shafts all fit 3/8-10, 29".........SOLD each shipped conus. Take all 3 ............SOLD shipped conus. 13.00mm/3.65oz 12.80mm/3.60oz 12.75mm/3.30oz
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    Pre-cat 314 shaft

    Pre-cat 314 shaft for 5/16-14, 29", 3.88oz, 12.75mm, 0.84mm at the joint..........SOLD Pending Payment shipped conus.