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  1. ProZack

    Lomax Purple Heart Titlist $1600

    Cue is Straight and in Great Shape. 2 Shafts with Micarta ferrules. Buttcap is made for an Extension. PayPal friends and Family or add fees $1600 Shipped Email:
  2. ProZack

    Longoni Cue Extension

    I have a Lady that has a Cue Extension for a Longoni cue. I need the Tap for the System. I see there is a Kit at Atlas, but I dont need the whole kit.. I just need the Tap. Zack
  3. ProZack

    ISO #15 Hyatt Zig Zag Ball

    I'm looking for a #15 Hyatt Zig Zag Ball to Complete a Set. Please Pm Me. I'm looking to purchase.
  4. ProZack

    Cue ID Please!!

    Please delete thread!
  5. ProZack

    Ran Across These!!

    I bought these the other day.. Anyone interested in buying All as a Package? 4th from the left and other Dark one is $350 plus shipping!
  6. ProZack

    Richard Black Hoppe Cue $1500 Obo

    Richard Black Hoppe Cue $1100 Shipped!! PRICE DROP 29.5in Butt and Shaft 16.3 oz Butt 4.20oz Shaft and 12.15 mm The Butt Rolls Straight. Shaft Rolls Good but has a Small Taper Roll. Nothing lifts when Rolled together. The Forearm has some dings in the finish. Butt Sleeve is Beautiful and has a...
  7. ProZack

    Block Letter Joss $900 Obo

    Cue is in Original Condition. Butt has a Small Warp when Rolled and Leather Wrap. 2 Shafts. Both with Iv**y Ferrules. But 1 is Cracked. Butt and Shaft Description: Butt - 16.25 oz Shaft #1 - W- 3.80oz. 12.96mm L- 29" Shaft #2- W- 3.70oz. 12.80mm L- 28.5" Great Classic Cue!! Shipping Included...
  8. ProZack

    Fancy Block Letter Joss $1500 OBO

    Fancy Block Letter Joss SOLD SOLD SOLD!! Great Classic Cue!!! Butt Does Have a Small Warp (Can be fixed $100-$150) when Rolled. Both Shafts Roll Good when Rolled Alone. Cue was Refinished by Tim Scruggs. Butt Weight: 17.45 oz. Shaft Weight and Length: Shaft #1 - W 4.10oz L 30" D 12.40mm...
  9. ProZack

    Any mcdermott collectors? A-8

    I bought this cue the other day. It's an A Series McDermott. It has a full Shaft and Rolls Straight! Looking for Offers and to Show Off!! I'll take better pics later.
  10. ProZack

    Nylon Wrap

    I am Cleaning up a D-7 McDermott and It has a Nylon Wrap. It seems to want to Fuzz up. I know I can replace it, but is there any way to bring it back to its original Shine?
  11. ProZack


    Just wanted to give a BIG THANKS to Chris!!!! Two Times now I have had Issues with my Lathe (My Own Negligence) and Both times Chris has been there to Answer my questions and get my part in time for me to set up the Next Weekend. :thumbup::thumbup:
  12. ProZack

    Willie Hoppe and 26.5's For Sale

    $300 ea. Middle one is Sold!
  13. ProZack

    My Palmer Collection!!

    Which is your Favorite?
  14. ProZack

    Palmer Cue Model B

    $450 Shipped!! This cue is in Awesome condition. It have been cleaned up. NOT REFINISHED!! Has a Vintage Irish linen replacement. The shaft and Butt roll good on the table. But has a Small Taper Roll. Nothing lifts. You can either buy a Cue that you have NO IDEA about condition for...
  15. ProZack

    C-10 Classic McDermott $450

    This cue is in remarkable shape for its age. Today I gave it a little Makeover and this is what I got. I hit a few Balls and it Hits Solid!! Cue Rolls Straight together and Apart It does have a few dings in the Finish. 2 Shafts 13.50mm 13.15mm Weight Butt: 16.35 oz Shaft #1 3.95oz. Shaft...
  16. ProZack

    Danny Basavich

    How did Danny do at the Expo!?
  17. ProZack

    Earl Strickland Meucci

    I bought this the other Day. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar or Own's one. Yess it's for Sale. $900 No Trades Unless it's Runde Schon or Block Letter Joss.
  18. ProZack

    Today's pickup!!

    I bought these today.. I thought they were cool. Any information or good guesses would be helpful!!
  19. ProZack

    Something Old Back to LIFE!

    I have found a few Old cue's that some would have considered Junk. But I spent the time and Money to restore. How many other do this? Please Post Before and after pics. I found this old Palmer with a Bridge Head on it.
  20. ProZack

    Looking for a Porper Model B

    Anything Available? I know about the One on Ebay! Thanks Zack