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    how long do you have to wait

    im not sure if i am posting this on the right section. mods,just move it to where its appropriate. how long do you usually have to wait to play pool after having a major operation?
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    OB Sandpaper

    where to buy one? feedbacks? pros and cons? if you dont know what is it, here's the link (john schmidt what's in the case)
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    Alcano,Bustamante and Gomez playing wheel of fortune
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    efren vs pagulayan video :D
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    what to do with old set of balls?

    i have an old set of balls (1-15 + cue ball) and its not being used for years already. what should i do with those? im thinking of putting them all in a custom cue. any other ideas? :D
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    some daryl peach WPC videos credits to the uploader (not my upload) :D
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    Pool halls in orlando

    what and where are good pool halls in orlando? im helping my friend look for..:D
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    LF: Predator BK

    im looking for predator bk(not bk2) atleast 19.5oz or heavier and in good condition(a few scratches is fine with me as long as its aligned) if possible philippines area only because i dont have a credit card =)