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    World Pool Masters 2023 (10-13 May), nineball, Essex UK, Winner $40K

    The entire 2022 Mosconi Cup team for Europe got eliminated in the first round.
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    Efren Reyes Cup

    While watching a recent Pool Player Podcast episode, Emily Frazer mentioned that there was an article in the The Times this week that discussed Matchroom and their plans for Nineball. I found the article and it mentioned about the possibility of having an Efren Reyes Cup which would be...
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    Molinari Gloves

    I’ve seen a website that has a couple of colors in stock. PM me for details.
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    Is this a foul?

    Players miss balls on thin hits where the cue ball comes back off of the rail and makes legal contact. I do not see how that original miss of the ball by it jumping over is any different than the cue ball going over the object ball and coming back and making a legal hit. They are both valid...
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    Is this a foul?

    This shot by Sanjin can’t be a foul based on past precedence of similarly struck cue balls that have taken similar flight paths as we have seen in the 2005 World Pool Championship Final put on by none other than Matchroom Sport. Here are 2 examples of shots that Wu played having miscues that...
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    Wtb:(New or ligthly used) Aramith Diamond Tv q-ball, Aramith black tournament q-ball
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    Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

    In snooker there isn’t much of a need to change the color of the balls since the balls are mostly on their designated spots. If the purple 5 was the regular 4 ball purple color, it would cause some confusion for me but the change in the shade of purple doesn’t make me think that I’m looking at...
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    Wanted info abaut old Falcon cue

    In addition to the post above. The series was called Trillium. It first appeared on the Aska Billiards Website on October 2007, but that website only looks to have existed only a couple of months prior so the cue may be much older. I see it appearing on an old version of the Falcon website in...
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    Brunswick 20% off site wide

    I just noticed that Brunswick has 20% off their entire website with promo code together2020. It ends on May 31st.
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    Bonus Ball matches

    Did anyone save any of the WPBL Bonus Ball matches from 2013? I see a few of them on YouTube.