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    Minneapolis Question

    Bloomington Billiards Club recently opened and would probably be closest to where you are staying. Shooter's is bigger and has some good food. I'd think of taking Tin Man up on his offer, could be one of the first in what I'm sure will be a very cool pool room.
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    APA/Fargo cut off?

    Then why isn't he rated 670? He's rated a 570 based on his overall performance against all his opponents, that's how Fargo works.
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    APA/Fargo cut off?

    Did the players have established Fargo ratings? If they do, how do you explain them having that 500 rating if they are really playing like a 650? If they consistently play like a 650, wouldn't they have the results a 650 would and be an actual 650?
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    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    What rules should they be playing by? APA, TAP, BCA, VNEA, WPA? I think that's part of the problem, if we don't have one standard set of rules, you'll still have arguments, outside of bar rules.
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    Scotty Townsend Memorial?

    Is this her?
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    Scotty Townsend Memorial?

    April and Kennedy are good friends but April showed a lot of sportsmanship splitting 1st with Kennedy after the cops were called
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    Wood or carbon?

    But if they weren't getting better results with the carbon, wouldn't they switch back? I think they are staying with carbon because they shoot better
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    Wood or carbon?

    How do you explain all of the non-sponsored players in the 700-750 range that have switched over to carbon? They aren't getting paid to use any shaft, they are choosing to use the shaft they play the best with.
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    Who was in the wrong?

    If I ever beat Earl, I'd probably try to hug him too
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    Out of interest.

    Shooter's Billiards in MN is very close in size to this. They recently removed all their 8' tables and replaced them with more 7'. I think they now have about 35 9' tables and 35 7' tables.
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    WPA rules state that it "should" be called, not that it must be called.
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    Filler Slump?

    It can't be related to an equipment change, it's not the arrow....just ask anyone on here.
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    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    I know many people feel that the pros would use wood if it was their choice. I wonder why so many of the top local amateur players (700-750 Fargo) are using CF shafts over wood? Its their choice and I would assume they are using the equipment they feel they play the best with.
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    20 dollar chalk?? What’s the world coming to?

    How do you go through a piece of chalk in 4 weeks? I have a piece of V10 I've been using for 12 months and still have about 60% left. I think it wears slower than the Blue Diamond and Russian Magic chalk I used before.
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    Filler back to the carbon shaft

    Predator may or may not have influenced him, but after one of the matches Filler said he had been using the Revo in practice and felt very comfortable with it
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Filler said he had been using the Revo during practice and was feeling really comfortable with it.
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    Changing the format just before the tournament

    Watched him play at the tournament last summer. Very solid player. Spent a little time talking with him, seems like a great guy.
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    Is Derby City capping entries this year?

    Hope you were able to get in since it's one of the few tournaments you play every year. I'm hoping to make it out there next year.
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    Anyone else prefer very hard tips??

    So if Shaw were to a race to 10 against the ghost using his Peri cue and then another race to 10 using a Walmart cue, would he have the same results if its the Indian and not the arrow?
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    This is why Fargorate Fails...

    So would Woodshaft say he threw his match against the 641? Or would he say that the 641 that beat him 11-3 was actually playing at 850 speed?