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    precat 314 wood cracking in shaft

    has anyone ever had this happen? it happened to mine and now when i move the cue ball with the shaft it sounds really flimsy and really really hollow. is the shaft shot? it still hits the same. just trying to get some input on this situation.
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    aramith premium balls

    selling some aramith premium balls... had them a week only used a few times and recieved some balls for my birthday. asking 90/ or trade shipped... money order only. having troubles with pics if someone could help me get them upload that would be great.
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    seyberts cloth dvds

    These dvds are sweet im still a little confused on the covering the rails....would it be best to watch and do at the same time.....
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    wtb pre cat 314

    Want a precat 314 shoot me a message
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    ltb poison break cue

    Im looking to buy a poison break cue for a reasonable price. hit me up with some pms
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    some tips

    any tips or tricks or step by step instructions on putting diamond pro together table was brand new around 2000 i believe
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    wtb ob break cue and pre cat 314 shaft

    looking to buy an ob break cue and pre cat 314 shaft for a gift for my friend. pm me some offers
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    covering rails

    i have a diamond pro from 2000 and i was wondering what is the best way to set up the table so its level and perfect and the most concern i have is covering the rails since i have never done it before.... all the information would be helpful
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    Wtb pre cat 314 with 3/8x11 pin

    looking for a predator pre cat 3/8x11 pin. pm me with offers