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    Rare Pacifier SW

    Very Rare SW cue for Sale Less than 5 ever made Asking Price: 4000USD Wood: Brazilian Tulipwood All original. Comes with 2 original Shafts Shaft number one: 12.98MM Mint Shaft number two :12.92MM Both shaft 100Gram or 3.5OZ Standard Legnth 2 Predator Shafts: 1- 314 2 30 inches same ring...
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    60 Inches sw

    As title says I need 60 inches sw Straight is a must Standard handle Weight 19.5+ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For sale Exceed EXC-S0602Wtw

    Exceed cue Mint condition All original Brand new EX pro shaft unscrewed unhit Material:Ebony, Juma, White turquoise, White & silver stitch ring, Aegis ring, Silver ring Specificaton & Technology ShaftEX Pro TipZan Plus S Shaft length29 inch...
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    Wanted SW ebony nose

    As title stated I already have ebony ebony sw I need one more ebony gaboon nose sw Butt weight 16.6 Standard handle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB Tip Centralizer Tool

    as title,, Thanks and Regards,
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    Southwest Gabon Nose

    As title says, I am looking for Gaboon Nose SW, must be straight. plz send me photos and details about it.
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    Ebony Ebony Southwest

    Hello, I am looking for Ebony Ebony SW, Standard handle, weight must be 19.7 atleast and above, pm me your offers!
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    southwest cue

    Hello everyone, I really need help on this matter, please forgive my question as I am a beginner and do not have any experience in materials like others, can anyone tell me what is the original SW ferrules. I its melamine but which one exactly. your kind answer is really appreciated!
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    looking to buy South west

    Hi. I am looking to buy a south west cue as the following Length 59 or 60 Weight not less than 19.8 2002+ Shafts must be not less than 12.7 Please pm me or send me an email
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    LTB-Tip Dressing Tool -Tip Shaping Guide

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a tip shaping jig for my lathe which has 4 radius i've seen it somewhere here but I am not sure where the thread is! kindly note that this will be ship internationally! please send me pm or to my e-mail Kindest Regards,
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    Porper Model B Help

    Hi everyone, I actually wants to change my current chuck which is Bison, the suppliers needed such information to provide me with the newer 6 jaw chucks I need the following information which I really appreciate your help. Mounting plate Type: CYLINDRICAL MOUNTING DIN 55027 (TYP C) DIN 55026...
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    Urgent WTB Carbide and Indexable Cutters

    as title says for my lathe note that shipping to United Arab Emirates, Dubai pm please
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    Southwest Repair

    Dear All, I would like to change my cue ferrule and i also would like to replace my linen grip any good cue maker or technician? please note that in Dubai best regards
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    WTB South West Cues

    As title stated I am looking to buy southwest cues prefered mint condition looking with linen no wrapless or leather please send me all the spec, price and pictures via my e-mail address Paying Via paypal only best regards
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    Exceed Cue

    Hello everyone I do have an exeed cue with WAVY Joint and I am looking for 314 2 shaft but I honestly can't find WAVY joint for it?!!? does it have another name instead of Wavy? what would it be? thanks and best regards
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    Wanted/314 2 regular and fat 30 inches length Wavy

    As title says 314 2 regular and 314 2fat 2 30 inches length Wavy joint prefer brand New pm please
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    Exceed Cues

    Hello everyone and this is my first time in this forums. I would like to know much more about exceed cues. I've been playing with muccie then shifted to Predator since 2000. I am wondering how to order them online! because it seems it is hard to get them! can anyone help me please and anyone...