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    $$$$$$--Dufferin conversion to a schon joint--$$$$$$

    Good seller right here, loving the Diveney I bought from you.
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    Sold Old School SS Joint Chris Nitti

    Proficient billiards is legit. Scot is a good guy with a great reputation. If I were to sell to someone I may have doubtful, proficient billiards escrow would be the way. He's pretty much a trustworthy middle man. Buyer should pay for the service.
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    Sold NEW Leon Sly Ebony On Ebony Flame Hoppe

    What's the joint material?
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    Pre-cat 314

    Looking to buy a Pre-cat 314 with a black collar, 5/16x14 thread for an old sneaky with a stainless joint. I would be looking to buy on that is still 12.75mm, but will entertain anything that is available.