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    Mosconi Cup replay

    Is there any way to watch this year's mosconi cup replay? Thanks.
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    2012 Judd Cue

    The Cue is for sale. I got the cue in April 2012 from Judd, after 8 months waiting. The Cue looks like JT-5. The only difference is that there are eight big ivory stars on the butt of my cue, while there are four big and eight small ivory stars on JT-5's butt. The weight is 19oz, length is...
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    WTB: 314-2 shaft for Meucci with 5/16x18

    I am looking for a 314-2 shaft for Meucci. 12.75 mm. Please pm u price and the condition of the shaft, if you happen to have one for sale. Thanks.
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    Has anyone tried this website for Mezz and Schon?

    It seems the dealer could offer sweet deal on Mezz and Schon. Thanks
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    Recommendation on Cue?

    Hello Guys, I am looking for myself a new cue and my budget is 500-1000. I hope I can find a good cue for myself for a long-term use. One of my friend recommend to try custom cue. Would you guys please give me any suggestion on either production cue or custom ones for that budget? Any good way...
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    A Meucci HOF2 for sale It is purchased on June, 2010, so it is slightly used. Sell for financial problem. Thanks.