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    Do tighter pockets favor the shotmaker?

    Only your draw stroke causes ball to bounce out of the pocket - Why? A pool shot happens in 3 dimensions, not just 2. The draw stroke and follow stroke will have slightly different bounce aspects on both balls. The OB hit with a sharp draw stroke may be getting a bit of bounce from the...
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I've heard the exact opposite from Jerry Briesath, namely that the backstroke is always at the same, slow pace, only the forward stroke will have different speeds. Consider a small movement safety play that requires a soft touch - very short backstroke (an inch or less) and then a forward...
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    Long post: With about 50 years of bad pool shooting technique, I know how tough is is to break those bad habits, especially regarding stroke delivery. Having a lesson with Mark Wilson a few years ago tamed that problem, but coming off the Covid layoff has awakened my jumpy transition. What's...