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    Jb case 1x2

    Sold the cue for this case a while back, it's sitting. Black leather. Looking for quick sale $150 shipped. PayPal fine but buyer covers fees. Thanks.
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    Leon Sly Fancy Sneaky w JB Case package deal

    First, this is offered as a package deal only. I havnt had the time to play pool since my daughter was born and could use the funds to purchase other items at this time. Cue was built for me in May 2011. 29" butt 29.5 " shaft 19.3 oz Coco into light BEM Bumperless braclet hoppe butt...
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    Wtb John Davis sneaky blank

    Does anyone know howi can acquire one? I'm looking to have one made up by a builder. Pm's are welcome. Thanks in advance for any assistance you may offer.
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    a couple sneakys i'm finishing up!

    Nice Leon. I love the cue with the lazy sly inlays. :cool:
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    looking for nice set of table balls

    Looking for a nice set for our club's 9' Victor. Willing to spend $150 ish shipped. We mainly play 14.1........ Thanks, Danny
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    Gilbert Jump/Break

    never mind sorry...........
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    Like New Gilbert Jump Break - priced for a quick sale

    Andy Gilbert J/B ('07) 90-95% Beautiful Kingwood/Maple Typical Gilbert ringwork at joints and buttcap Black phenolic collars 3/8 x 10 Stainless Steel pin Total Weight 19.5 (no weight bolt.) Shaft – 13mm, very new everest layered medium tip. Cue is straight both apart and together...
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    WTT - JFlowers Tribute 2x4 and/or Gilber J/B

    WTT - JFlowers style "knock off" 2x4 and/or Gilber J/B Listing removed, will relist Gilbert at a later date.
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    WTB Carmeli or Barnhart wrapless or sneaky

    PM or email @ dannyrossjr at yahoo dot com. thank you.
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    any used sumrall sneakys around?

    Cues are really addictive...I recently spoke with Paul(super guy)about pricing for having a cue built. I figured I'd see if there was anything out there in good shape on the used market before I try to commit to brand new one. Pm's are welcome. Thanks.
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    WTB 2x2 leather case

    I'm looking to purchase a nice "manly" case, used in good shape is fine. My budget is $200 ish. Please post, or email pics to dannyrossjr at yahoo dot com thanks.
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    WTB sneaky - Sly, Frey or Diviney

    WTB sneaky - Sly or Frey Hey all, Looking to see what's available. Needs to be in good shape . 18.5-19oz ish. Feel free to pm me or post here. Thanks in advance. Danny
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    sneaky pete advice on tapers and makers

    Hey all, New around here, nice forum fellas (and ladies I'm sure). I'm gonna try to get back into pool after 7+ year laps on regular play. I have my 1st little one on the way, and I'm gonna need some close by relaxation to clear my head; what better that playing a game of straight? I'm...
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    Considering an istructor in the Southern NJ/Philly area

    Hello all, 1st post here been lurking for a few days now. Well, long story short, I've always been in love with the game I've played for about 15 yrs or so. At one time was a decent stick, more of a banger style shot maker. I know my mechanics are wack because my consistancy has always been...