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    My Anniversary table

    I also have an Anniversary table. It was completely restored and I love it.
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    Molinari glove leaving spots on the table

    Anyone else have this problem or have seen this problem?
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    Thoughts on Clear coat over maple shafts

    Just wondering what people think on clear coat over maple shafts
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    Thank you Jack Zimmerman

    Jack Zimmerman and James Krieger did a beautiful job on my Brunswick Anniversary. Also Jack and Todd did a excellent job on setting up my table. For anyone needing any work done I recommend them 100% and you won't be disappointed. Thank you guys for giving me a dream table I can enjoy for many...
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    Restored Brunswick Anniversary

    Wanted to give a shot out for an excellent restoration on my Anniversary from Jack Zimmerman and James Krieger thank you both. Also thank you Jack and Todd for taking the time to set up the table. Before and after pics
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    T8 led bulb help

    Was thinking about switching my lights to t8 led bulbs has anyone done this and if so what specs are you using? I have 2 , 4 ft fluorescent lights with 3 bulbs but can be 4 if needed
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    My breaker cue

    Enjoying my new cue
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    WTB Brunswick Anniversary leg bands

    I am looking for leg bands for my 9' Anniversary, I know Mueller's has them but there on backorder and classic billiards has them but they cost alot more so just seeing if someone has any. Thanks for your help